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Demilitarized Zone (PLZ)

Strolling around the bustling streets of Seoul, you may quickly forget that Korea is still a divided country. But the DMZ which was established as the ceasefire line in 1953 still exists as a reminder. Although the DMZ is the most heavily armed border in the world, it is very rare that any violence occurs. Lately, the DMZ has become a sort of a tourist destination. You can take a tours that often go to the observatory, one of North Korea’s infiltration tunnels, a military base, and right into the Joint Security Area (판문점) in the middle of the DMZ where negotiations between the two sides are held.

Lately a different kind of tour has been gaining popularity. If you opt for the Peace and Life Zone (PLZ) Tour will find yourself exploring the lush bio-diverse environment that has been left untouched for more than 50 years. Rather than focusing on the sad violent history of the past, this tour is designed to celebrate peace and nature.

>> Click here for more details about the DMZ & PLZ

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