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Asan Spavis (아산 스파비스)   
Asan Spavis (아산 스파비스...
Asan Spavis (아산 스파비스...
  • Asan Spavis (아산 스파비스...
  • Asan Spavis (아산 스파비스)
  • Asan Spavis (아산 스파비스)
  • Asan Spavis (아산 스파비스)
  • Asan Spavis (아산 스파비스)
  • Asan Spavis (아산 스파비스)
  • Asan Spavis (아산 스파비스)
  • Asan Spavis (아산 스파비스)
  • Asan Spavis (아산 스파비스)
  • Asan Spavis (아산 스파비스)
  • Asan Spavis (아산 스파비스)
  • Asan Spavis (아산 스파비스)
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288-6 Shinsu-ri, Eumbong-myeon, Asan-si, Chungcheongnam-do
충청남도 아산시 음봉면 아산온천로157번길 67 (음봉면)
Hot Springs & Saunas
• 1330 tt call center: +82-area code-1330 (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
• For more info: +82-41-539-2000 (Korean only)
Homepage (Korean only)
The Asan Spavis is located about an hour away from Seoul, using hot springs waters for its unique sports and treatment facilities.

Spavis is a family-orientated leisure facility that includes a Treatment Pool that uses hot springs water for various medical treatments, an outdoor hot springs pool, which you can enjoy even in the winter, a hot springs pool in a cozy hut that’s perfect for families or couples, and a Kids Park where children can have a safe and enjoyable time. Other facilities include a snow sledding area, sports massage center, skin care treatment center, and more.
Opening date
Open all year round
Operating Hours
Main Pool (Sauna) 08:00-20:00/Weekend 07:00-21:00
Bade Pool (warm bath spa) 09:00-19:00/Weekend 08:00-20:00
Outdoor Spa 10:00-18:00/Weekend 09:00-19:00
Outdoor water park 11:00-17:00/Weekend 10:00-18:00
Parking Facilities
700 parking spaces
Admission Fees
Program Off season
(2011.9.1 ~2011.10.3)
Weekday Weekend/Holiday
Spa + Sauna Adult 33,000 won 40,000 won
Child (ages 3-13) 24,000 won 29,000 won


Adult 8,000 won
Child (ages 3-13) 6,000 won
'Spa + Sauna' includes sauna, bade pool, outdoor spa and outdoor swimming pool.
Available Facilities
Spa facilities
Bade pool, outdoor hot spring, couples’ spa, men’s spa, women’s spa

Water parks
Kid’s water park, outdoor water park (Exiting River, Aqua play, wave pool, slides)

Sports massage parlor, skin care center, swimwear store, bathroom supply store, restaurants, etc.
From Asan(Onyang) Bus Terminal
Take a taxi from the Asan (Onyang) Terminal. (Travel time: 15min)

From Cheonan Intercity Bus Terminal
Take Bus 100-1 (bound for Asan Hot Springs), and get off at Asan Spavis. (Travel time: 40-50min)

From Onyang Hot Springs Train Station
Cross the street to the bus stop in front of Samsung Securities.
Take Bus 100-1, and get off at Spavis. (Travel time: 30min)

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