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Seoul » Jung-gu » Seoul Namsan Gugakdang (Traditional Theater) (서울 남산국악당)


Seoul Namsan Gugakdang (Traditional Theater) (서울 남산국악당)    
Seoul Namsan Gugakda...
Seoul Namsan Gugakda...
  • Seoul Namsan Gugakda...
  • Seoul Namsan Gugakdang (Traditional Theater) (서울 남산국악당)
  • Seoul Namsan Gugakdang (Traditional Theater) (서울 남산국악당)
  • Seoul Namsan Gugakdang (Traditional Theater) (서울 남산국악당)
  • Seoul Namsan Gugakdang (Traditional Theater) (서울 남산국악당)
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28, Toegye-ro 34-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul
서울특별시 중구 퇴계로34길 28 (팔동2가) 남산골한옥마을 內
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Seoul Namsan Gugakdang (Traditional Theater), located in Namsangol Hanok Village, is a performance hall dedicated to Gugak Performance. The 330-seat hall’s acoustics, lighting, and stage facilities are all specifically designed to enhance the sound and experience of Gugak. It is the only performance hall in Korea where patrons can enjoy the pure, natural sound of Gugak without the use of any electro-acoustic technology.
The Performing Gugakdang runs a range of hands-on experience programs including lectures on Gukak instruments & traditional arts and cultural activities for teens. With the combination of performances and interactive programs, the Seoul Namsan Gugakdang aims to increasingly give the citizens of Seoul the chance to personally experience and appreciate the beauty and joy of Gugak, Korean traditional music.
Structure Size

3 levels - 2 underground floor, 1 ground floor

Maximum Occupancy
Programs Available for Foreigners
Gugak Performance & Experience program
Exhibition Hall Information
Gugak Experience Hall, Lecture Hall, Practice Room, Rest Lounge
Info. Services for Koreans
Refer to homepage
Local Transportation
Chungmuro Station (Seoul Subway Line 3 or 4), Exit 3 or 4.
From the exit, walk toward Namsangol Hanok Village.
(200m between Dong Guk Univ. image center and Maeil Economics)

- Yellow Bus: 02
- Green Bus: 0013, 0211,7011
- Blue Bus: 104, 105, 263, 140, 507, 604
Get off at the front of Namsangol Han-ok Village, Toegyero 3ga.
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