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Gyeongsangbuk-do » Gyeongju-si » Trash: Golgulsa Temple Stay & Seonmudo Experience (골굴사 선무도 산사체험)


Trash: Golgulsa Temple Stay & Seonmudo Experience (골굴사 선무도 산사체험)   
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101-5, Girim-ro, Yangbuk-myeon, Gyeongju-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do
경상북도 경주시 양북면 기림로 101-5 (양북면,골굴사)
Temple Stays
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- For more info +82-54-744-1689/ 745-0246 (Korean)
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Golguksa Temple, the center of Seonmudo in Korea, a Buddhist martial training methodology, is a stone temple where members of Hwarang (royal guard) during Silla period gathered to train Hoyeonjigi (the natural greatness of a soul).

Seonmudo is an early Buddhist training method used for self-realization through the meditation and harmony of body and soul. Under this teaching, true mental and physical health can be restored by cleansing impurities from the weak and incomplete human mind. At the Golguksa Temple Stay, the day starts and ends with Seonmudo. The day begins with Mass, followed by Yoga and Qigong. The morning rituals continue with a meditation session where participants do 108 bows and engage in self-reflection. After the meditation, there is a schedule of light community tasks and a lesson on tea etiquette taught by one of the temple’s monks. After mid-day mass, everyone at the temple does Ullyeok, a temple monk’s daily chores, in order to learn the value of hard work. Later on after evening Mass, participants receive Seonmudo training followed by martial arts training and meditation.
Though not as old as many of the nation’s other temples, Golguksa Temple provides a unique experience for visitors, such as a tour of Gulbeopdang (a series of caves created throughout the cliffs) and a visit to Maae Amitabul (a stone Buddha), Treasure No. 581. Golguksa Temple, which sits neatly at the foot of Hamwolsan Mountain, provides a very nice and comfortable temple stay experience complete with modern training facilities. Visitors can enjoy Golguksa’s unique temple stay experience as well as visit some of the nearby popular tourist attractions such as the Underwater Tomb of King Munmu, Gampo Beach and Girimsa Temple.
Activity Information
* Temple Life
For visitors who do not wish to stay over, there are 2 or 3-hour sessions available in either the morning or afternoon. The session includes programs such as a temple visit, a lecture and presentation of Seonmudo, Seonmudo experience, and a temple food experience.

* Temple Stay
1) Program: Seonmudo Training/Lecture, Buddhist Mass, seated meditation, walking meditation, 108 bows, Ullyeok, Balwu Mass (dining ceremony), Chadam (tea time) & Visit to sacred Buddhist places (Girimsa Temple, Gameunsa Temple Site, Tomb of King Munmu)
2) Target: Koreans and International visitors
3) Available language: Korean, English
4) Cost: 2-day & 1-night program - From junior high students to adults KRW 50,000/ elementary students KRW 40,000. 1-month program – KRW 900,000 per a person (additional KRW 10,000 per person for visiting sacred Buddhist places)

※ At 15:00, every Sun, Seonmudo presentation will be made at an outdoor Buddhist sanctum in front of Daejeokgwangjeon Hall
Operating Hours
Enter : 14:00 - 17:00 / Descend : After Lunch
Parking Facilities
Activity Fees
Facilities for the Handicapped
Reservation Info. for Natives
Phone call or E-mail (
Reservation Info. for Foreigners
Phone call or E-mail (
Interpretation Services Offered
* Take the train at Seoul Station towards Gyeongju (5:55am - 5:50pm, departs at 7:43, 11:55, 13:10, 15:00/ travel time 4hr 40min)

* Take city bus #100, 150 from Gyeongju Terminal >> Get off at Andong Intersection >> About 15min to Golgulsa by walk

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