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Jeollanam-do » Yeongam-gun » Yeongam Gurim Village (영암 구림마을)


Yeongam Gurim Village (영암 구림마을)   
Yeongam Gurim Villag...
Yeongam Gurim Villag...
  • Yeongam Gurim Villag...
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Gunseo-myeon, Yeongam-gun, Jeollanam-do
전남 영암군 군서면
Folk Villages
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Located at the western base of Mt. Wolchulsan in Yeongam-gun Jeollanam-do province, Gurim Maeul is a 2,200 year-old village that was created during the Era of the Confederated Kingdoms of Samhan (Three Han States).

Gurim Maeul, which is the setting of many tales and has produced a number of great historical figures, is a beautiful village with an abundance of natural, historical, and cultural points of interest.

In particular, 96 traditional houses including Anyongdan, Wolindang, Gukamsa and Anhyeongung offer valuable opportunities for tourists not only to stay in Korean traditional houses but also to enjoy various activities such as paper crafts, a traditional wedding experience, rice cake-making (pounding rice with a large mallet), straw crafts, fishing, and swimming. The town is also the site of local festivals like the Wangin Cherry Blossom Festival and the Chrysanthemum Festival.

Activity Information
Wanginchon Experience Program, Pottery-Making, performance titled ‘Watching the moon’

From Dong Seoul Bus Terminal, take an intercity bus to Yeongam.
(Bus schedule: runs 2 times a day, 07:10, 14:10 / Estimated travel time: 4hr 40min)
Or, take an intercity bus to Mokpo or Gwangju Bus Terminal and transfer to a bus to Yeongam.

From Yeongam Terminal, take a local bus to Gurim Village. (last bus: 20:00)

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