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Jeollabuk-do » Gunsan-si » Saemangeum (새만금)


Saemangeum (새만금)   
Saemangeum (새만금)
Saemangeum (새만금)
  • Saemangeum (새만금)
  • Saemangeum (새만금)
  • Saemangeum (새만금)
  • Saemangeum (새만금)
  • Saemangeum (새만금)
  • Saemangeum (새만금)
  • Saemangeum (새만금)
  • Saemangeum (새만금)
  • Saemangeum (새만금)
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Bieungdo-dong, Gunsan-si, Jeollabuk-do
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The Samangeum (새만금) reclamation project began in 1991 with the goal of reclaiming the tidal flat off Korea’s west coast. The project is creating land that will add to the region approximately 75% of the landmass of the mega-city of Seoul. The word "Saemangeum" carries the meaning of “renewing and expanding the Gimje-Mangyeong Embankment”. A world-class urban complex is slated for development on the newly reclaimed land, integrating industry, tourism and the environment. Modeled upon such famous waterfront cities as Amsterdam and Venice, the government is planning to create clusters of facilities for tour and leisure, international affairs, science and renewable energy.

Overview of Saemangeum Project
* Purpose: To develop the region into the undisputable economic hub of Northeast Asia
* Location: Buan-gun, Gimje-si and Gunsan-si in Jeollabuk-do and surrounding areas
* Size of the area: 28,300 hectares of land and an 11,800 hectare fresh water lake for a total of 40,100 hectares
* Project period:
Phase 1: Embankment building (1991~2008)
Phase 2: Developing of reclaimed land (2009~2020)
From Gunsan Intercity / Express Bus Terminal, take Bus 07, 08, 85 or 91.
Get off at Bieunghang Port (비응항).

From Gunsan Station, take Bus 07 or 85 to Bieunghang Port (비응항).

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