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Jeollabuk-do » Imsil-gun » Okjeongho Lake (옥정호-물안개길)


Okjeongho Lake (옥정호-물안개길)   
Okjeongho Lake (옥정호-...
Okjeongho Lake (옥정호-...
  • Okjeongho Lake (옥정호-...
  • Okjeongho Lake (옥정호-물안개길)
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374-8, Maam-ri, Unam-myeon, Imsil-gun, Jeollabuk-do
전북 임실군 운암면 입석리 , 마암리 374-8(물안개길)
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Okjeongho Lake (옥정호), in Imsil, Jeollabuk-do, was once a popular place for fishing. But since it was designated as a water supply source protected area, fishing has been prohibited. The picturesque lake is large in scale with a total volume of water amounting to 430 million tons. The Okjeongho Dam blocks the upstream of Seomjingang River, which flows through the Noryeong Mountains in Imsil-gun (county), and supplies the Jeongeup on the other side. There are the Unam Bridge and Byeorakbawi (boulder) in the area. The early morning view of the thick fog lingering above the still water is especially breathtaking to see in autumn.
Admission Fees
From Jeonju Express/Intercity Bus Terminal.
Upon exiting the terminal, turn left, and go 300m to arrive at the Geuman Square (Paldal-ro) Bus Stop.
From the bus stop, take Bus 974 or 975 and get off at Unam Bridge.

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