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Jeollabuk-do » Namwon-si » Baemsagol Valley (뱀사골 계곡)


Baemsagol Valley (뱀사골 계곡)   
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Banseon Village Sannae-myeon Namwon-si Jeollabuk-do
전북 남원시 산내면 반선마을
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Located in Namwon, Jeollabuk-do, Baemsagol is a 9 km long grand valley, situated at the northern foot of Jirisan Mountain. Stretching from Banyabong (peak) and Tokkibong (peak) toward Sannae-myeon of Namwon-si, the valley is renowned for its beautiful autumn foliage.

Baemsagol Valley is popular as a summer vacation destination because there’s always an abundance of water and forest trees. In the fall, the hills become ablaze with autumn tints, little streams sprinkle over rock beds, and small pools of clear water from under the rocks giving any tourist a reason to linger. Other notable places nearby include Seonindae, Seoksil, Yoryongdae, Tagyongso, Byeongso, Byeongpungso, Jeseungdae and Ganjangso.
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From Namwon Intercity Bus Terminal, take an intercity bus bound for Baemsagol (뱀사골).
* Bus Info: 06:00, 08:55, 10:41, 12:10, 13:50, 17:18, 19:20 / Travel time: 1 hour
 (Bus schedules are subject to change)

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