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Seoul » Seocho-gu » Cheonggyesan Mountain (청계산)


Cheonggyesan Mountain (청계산)   
Cheonggyesan Mountai...
Cheonggyesan Mountai...
  • Cheonggyesan Mountai...
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Wonji-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul-si
서울 서초구 원지동 , 성남시 수정구, 의왕시 청계동, 경기 과천시 막계동
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Cheonggyesan Mountain surrounds Seoul Grand Park, Seoul Land and National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art. The mountain boarders the area in Yangjae-dong, Seoul, Gwacheon-si, Seongnam-si, and Uiwang-si, Gyeonggi-do. The mountain is nestled at the foot of Gwanaksan Mountain after coming from the direction of downtown Gwacheon to the south. Dense forests, neat valleys, parks, and temples are available in the mountain, making it a suitable climbing course for families. Also, varied walking courses are set up. The top of the mountain, Manggyeongdae, is not open to public access as a government facility is situated on the peak. Guksabong Peak (alt. 538m) and another peak (alt. 545m) are connected through a mountain path.

It is said that a faithful person, Joyun in the late Goryeo period entered Cheonggyesan Mountain from Songdo after the demolition of Goryeo by Yi Seong-gye who was the first King of the Joseon Dynasty. Also, it was referred to as “Cheongryongsan” because the area is regarded as the place where a blue dragon (Cheongryong; 청룡) ascended to heaven. Based on the principles of geomancy, Gwaksan Mountain and Cheonggyesan Mountain are called “Baekho” and “Cheongryong”, respectively.
+82-2-2155-6869, 6873
Activity Information
[Cheonggyesan Mountain Forest Trip Program]
- Period: Every April through November on the first and third Sunday at 10:00 and the second and fourth Saturday at 10:00
- Location: Entrance of Gwanhyeonsa Temple of Cheonggyesan Mountain
- Program: Explanation on the history, culture and natural ecology of the mountain while walking through the exploring course with a professional forest interpreter.
Take exit 7 at Yangjae station on line 3 and take bus 4432 in front of the Seocho City Office.

Take exit 2 at Indeogwon station on line 4, and catch a shuttle bus that leaves at 15 minutes past every hour.
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