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Gyeonggi-do » Yangpyeong-gun » Yongmunsan Resort


Yongmunsan Resort   
Yongmunsan Resort
Yongmunsan Resort
  • Yongmunsan Resort
  • Yongmunsan Resort
  • Yongmunsan Resort
  • Yongmunsan Resort
  • Yongmunsan Resort
  • Yongmunsan Resort
  • Yongmunsan Resort
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Gyeonggi-do Yangpyeong-gun Yongmun-myeon Sinjeom-ri 526-2
경기 양평군 용문면 용문산로 782
• 1330 tt call center: +82-31-1330
(Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
• For more info: +82-31-770-3311,
+82-31-773-0088, +82-31-775-2074
(Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
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Yongmunsan Mountain (용문산) in Yangpyeong, Gyeonggi Province, is comprised of Doilbong Peak, Baegunbong Peak, and other peaks. The resort shares the area with various cultural relics such as Yongmunsa Temple (용문사); Yongmunsa Temple’s gingko tree (용문사 은행나무); a stupa containing a relic of the Buddha, a monument of the reverend monk Jeongji; and the Yongmunsan Mountain area’s war record monument. The resort area is frequented by visitors throughout all four seasons but is especially popular in the fall because of the yellow-tinged gingko tree of Yongmunsa Temple (natural monument no. 30).

A 2km trek through the valley from Yongmunsa Temple will bring you to Yonggakbawi Rock, shaped like a dragon’s horn, halfway up the mountain. 1km away from the Yonggakbawi Rock lays a huge boulder, Court Rock, on which 100 people can easily sit at the same time. There is also an amusement park that provides great entertainment for children, consisting of a rapid ride, a Viking-boat, a merry-go-round, bumper cars, a family coaster, and other rides.

Thirty minutes from Yongmunsa Temple is Jungwon Valley that looks small when seen from the outside, but leads to the mountain’s summit where you can enjoy a superb view. And only another fifteen minutes walk will bring you to the three-tiered Jungwon Falls where you can enjoy the sound of crashing waters and feel the cooling mists that rise from the base of the falls.

* Yongmunsa Temple’s gingko tree
Yongmunsa Temple’s gingko tree is the largest, most stout, and oldest ginkgo tree among all of Korea’s specimens. It enjoys a prime location in front of daeungjeon, the main hall of the temple. It is believed to be about 1,100 years old and is the biggest gingko tree in the East measuring 60m in height and 12.3m in circumference.

Hiking Course
Course 1: Yongmunsan Resort → Yongmunsa Temple → Madangbawi Rock (마당바위) → Yongmunsan Mt. (4.3km)
Course 2: Yongmunsan Resort → Yongmunsa Temple → Neungseon-gil Road (능선길) → Yongmunsan Mt.(4km)
Course 3: Yongmunsan Resort → Yongmunsa Temple → Sangwonsa Temple (상원사) (3.1km)
Course 4: Yongmunsan Resort → Yongmunsa Temple → Yongmunsan Mt. → Baegundong (백운동) → Saesugol (새수골) (12.1km)
Parking Facilities
1,000 parking spaces
Parking Fees
Small cars (less than 12-passengers vehicle): 3,000 won
Large-sized vehicles: 5,000 won
Admission Fees
* Youngmunsa Temple
Adults 2,000 won / Group 1,800 won
Youths 1,400 won / Group 1,200 won
Children 1,000 won / Group 800 won
※ Group: 30 people or more
Available Facilities
Camping site, foot-volleyball court, drinking fountain, basketball court, outdoor stage
Facilities for the Handicapped
Separate restrooms
Reservation Info. for Foreigners
Tel: +82-31-770-2491~5 (English and Japanese)
From Dong Seoul Bus Terminal or Sangbong Bus Terminal.
Take an intercity bus to Yongmun Intercity Bus terminal.
From Yongmun Terminal, take a bus to Yongmunsan Resort. (Runs every hour)

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