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Jeollabuk-do » Gimje-si » Moaksan Provincial Park (Gimje) (모악산도립공원)


Moaksan Provincial Park (Gimje) (모악산도립공원)   
Moaksan Provincial P...
Moaksan Provincial P...
  • Moaksan Provincial P...
  • Moaksan Provincial Park (Gimje) (모악산도립공원)
  • Moaksan Provincial Park (Gimje) (모악산도립공원)
  • Moaksan Provincial Park (Gimje) (모악산도립공원)
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Geumsan-ri, Geumsan-myeon, Gimje-si, Jeollabuk-do
전북 김제시 금산면 금산리 , 전북 완주군 구이면
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Moaksan Mountain (모악산, 793.5m) is located in Gimje, Jeollabuk-do and is home to several Buddhist temples: Geumsansa, Guisinsa, Suwangsa, and Daewonsa. From the top of the mountain you can see the the Honam Pyeongya Delta as well as the Gimje Pyeongya Delta.

Designated as a provincial park in 1971, Moaksan is known for its incredible views and cultural heritages. Daewonsa and Suwangsa temples are located on the southeast side of the mountain and Guisinsa Temple sits to the west. Geumsansa Temple, built during the Baekje period (599AD), holds many precious pieces of Buddhist art.

One of the preferred methods for ascending the mountain is a trail along the ridge behind Simwonam, which is particularly eye-catching in the spring when the mountain azaleas are in full bloom. As you reach the summit, the Gimje Pyeongya Delta and Mangyeonggang River come into view, along with Mt. Unjangsan and the city of Jeonju. The cherry blossom tunnel extending from the parking lot to Iljumun is another must-see for those who visit in the spring.
Hiking Course
Parking lot - Geumsansa (금산사) – summit - Suwangsa (수왕사) - Daewonsa (대원사) - Gui (구이) (10km, 3hr 30 min)

Parking lot - Geumsansa – helicopter pad - Yeombulam (염불암) - Geumseonam (금선암) – Jungin-ri (중인리) (11km, 4hr)

Parking lot - Geumsansa - Cheongnyeongsa (청룡사) - Baeje (배재) - Janggeunjae (장근재) – helicopter pad – summit - Geumsansa – parking lot (12km, 4hr 30min)
Available Facilities
Camping grounds, arboretum, rest area, grass plaza , restaurant, souvenir shop
From Gimje Bus Terminal, take Bus 5, 5-1 to Geumsnasa Temple (금산사).
Walk about 400m towards the Moaksan ticket office from there.
Restaurants : no data found

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