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Jeollanam-do » Jindo-gun » Jindo Dog (진도의 진도개)


Jindo Dog (진도의 진도개)   
Jindo Dog (진도의 진도개)
Jindo Dog (진도의 진도개)
  • Jindo Dog (진도의 진도개)
  • Jindo Dog (진도의 진도개)
  • Jindo Dog (진도의 진도개)
  • Jindo Dog (진도의 진도개)
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35, Seongjukgol-gil, Jindo-eup, Jindo-gun, Jeollanam-do
전라남도 진도군 진도읍 성죽골길 35 (진도읍)
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The most beloved breed of dog in Korea is the Jindo Dog (진도개), named after the island from which they are said to originate. The breed has been designated a national treasure, and great efforts are made to keep the bloodline pure. For example, any non-Jindo dog that comes to Jindo Island must be sterile. Jindos were originally hunting dogs, raised to take down small to large sized prey. They are known for their extreme loyalty and keen homing sense. Traditionally Koreans hunted without guns, instead taking with them a pack of Jindos. After making a kill, one dog promptly returns to the master while the others stand guard over the prey. The Jindo dog is registered with the Federation Cynologique Internationale and the British Kennel Club.
Current Status
Federation Cynologique Internationale No. 334 / Natural Monument No. 53
* Express Bus
Seoul – Jindo (The bus runs from the Central City Express Bus Terminal at 07:35, 09:00, 15:30 and 16:35 four times daily and the journey takes 5 hours 40 minutes.)

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