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Gyeongsangbuk-do » Sangju-si » Gyeongcheondae Terrace (낙동강 경천대)


Gyeongcheondae Terrace (낙동강 경천대)   
Gyeongcheondae Terra...
Gyeongcheondae Terra...
  • Gyeongcheondae Terra...
  • Gyeongcheondae Terrace (낙동강 경천대)
  • Gyeongcheondae Terrace (낙동강 경천대)
  • Gyeongcheondae Terrace (낙동강 경천대)
  • Gyeongcheondae Terrace (낙동강 경천대)
  • Gyeongcheondae Terrace (낙동강 경천대)
  • Gyeongcheondae Terrace (낙동강 경천대)
  • Gyeongcheondae Terrace (낙동강 경천대)
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652 Sabeol-myeon, Sangju-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do
경북 상주시 사벌면 경천로 652
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(Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
• For more info +82-54-537-6218
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Gyeongcheondae Terrace (경천대) is said to be the most beautiful spot along the nearly 510km-long Nakdonggang River (낙동강). Gyeongcheondae Terrace, with its sheer cliff walls and scenic landscape, is imbued with a sense of serene mystery and harmony. It has also been called Jacheondae. It is located above Muujeong Pavilion, which was built during the Joseon Period. In Gyeongcheondae, you will find Yongso Pond, which has a legend concerning a general who died during the Imjinwaeran (the Japanese invasion of Korea in 1592) and an ancient manger. Gyeongcheondae Terrace offers a spectacular view of the winding Nakdonggang River and beautiful rock formations peeking through the pine trees’ branches. It features an observatory, an artificial waterfall, Gyeongcheondae Children’s Land, and campsites and is the location of the mega-hit TV series, ‘Sangdo.’
Parking Facilities
Available (small cars 2,000 won / large cars 4,000 won)
Parking fees: Free
Admission Fees
- Dong Seoul Terminal to Sangju (Departure every 30 minutes (06:00 – 23:00), 2 hour and 20 minute ride)
- Nambu Bus Terminal to Sangju (Departure every 50-60 minutes (06:30 – 18:20), 3 hour and 30 minute ride)

- Get on the bus to Gyeongcheondae Terrace at Sangju Bus Terminal (Departure 5 times a day (06:30, 09:10, 12:25, 14:40, 17:20))
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