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Chungcheongbuk-do » Yeongdong-gun » Mulhan Valley (물한계곡)


Mulhan Valley (물한계곡)   
Mulhan Valley (물한계곡)
Mulhan Valley (물한계곡)
  • Mulhan Valley (물한계곡)
  • Mulhan Valley (물한계곡)
  • Mulhan Valley (물한계곡)
  • Mulhan Valley (물한계곡)
  • Mulhan Valley (물한계곡)
  • Mulhan Valley (물한계곡)
  • Mulhan Valley (물한계곡)
  • Mulhan Valley (물한계곡)
  • Mulhan Valley (물한계곡)
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Mulhan-ri, Sangchon-myeon, Yeongdong-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do
충청북도 영동군 상촌면 물한계곡로 1000 (상촌면)
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• For more info: +82-43-740-3336, 3438
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The waters that carved Mulhan Valley (물한계곡) in Yeongdong, Chungcheongbuk-do originate in the upper reaches of the Hancheon Village stream. In summer, many tourists visit the valley while the nearby Mt. Minjujisan, Samdobong Peak and Mt. Gakhosan are popular among hikers year-round. The scrub, azaleas and royal azaleas along the ridges display their magnificent beauty throughout the year and beautiful waterfalls flow through the area, including Okso Falls, Uiyonggol Falls and Eumjuam Falls. The harmonious valley contains Janggun Rock, many thick forests and even swamplands, offering a wide array of spectacular and splendid sights.
+82-43-740-3336, 3438
Hiking Course
* Parking area - Big cone pine forest (잣나무숲) - Okso Falls (옥소폭포) - Uiyonggol Falls (의용골폭포) - Umjumak Falls (음주막폭포) - Sammagoljae (삼마골재) - Samdobong (삼도봉) peak - Seokgibong (석기봉) peak - Mt. Minjujisan (민주지산) - Jjoksaegol (쪽새골)- Big cone pine forest (잣나무숲) - Parking area (10.4km, 5 hours 50 mins)
- Board the bus to Yeongdong at Dong Seoul Terminal (Departure 4 times a day (10:00-18:00), 2 hour and 40 minute ride)

- Board the bus to Mulhan Valley at Yeongdong Bus Terminal (Departure 5 times a day (06:20, 07:30, 12:10, 14:40, 17:50))

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