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Chungcheongbuk-do » Danyang-gun » Sobaeksan National Park (Chungcheong Area) (소백산국립공원-북부)


Sobaeksan National Park (Chungcheong Area) (소백산국립공원-북부)   
Sobaeksan National P...
Sobaeksan National P...
  • Sobaeksan National P...
  • Sobaeksan National Park (Chungcheong Area) (소백산국립공원-북부)
  • Sobaeksan National Park (Chungcheong Area) (소백산국립공원-북부)
  • Sobaeksan National Park (Chungcheong Area) (소백산국립공원-북부)
  • Sobaeksan National Park (Chungcheong Area) (소백산국립공원-북부)
  • Sobaeksan National Park (Chungcheong Area) (소백산국립공원-북부)
  • Sobaeksan National Park (Chungcheong Area) (소백산국립공원-북부)
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Eouigok-ri, Gagok-myeon, Dannyang-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do
충북 단양군 가곡면 어의곡리
20 National Parks
• 1330 Travel Hotline: +82-43-1330 (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
• For more info: +82-43-423-0708, +82-43-423-2449 (Korean)
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Sobaeksan Mountain (소백산) is renowned for its natural splendor and mystery, standing tall in the middle of the Korean peninsula, and offering several magnificent peaks such as Hyeongjebong, Sinseonbong, Gukmangbong, Birobong and Yeonhwabong. Its captivating seasonal beauty (royal azalea in spring, wildflowers in summer, autumn foliage in fall, snowscape in winter) attracts visitors year-round. The open grass field on Birobong Peak (비로봉, 1,439m in elevation) is reminiscent of a scene from the Swiss Alps. The National Planetarium located upon Yeonhwabong Peak (1,349m in elevation) is the historic cradle of Korean astronomy. The nationwide Sobaeksan Royal Azalea Festival is held near Danyang-gun in early June every year.
Sobaeksan National Park Northern Office
+82-43-423-0708~9, +82-43-423-2449
Mountain Not Access Period
2011 Seasonal Forest Fire Watches by Park
02.16.2011 ~ 04.30.2011
※TBD by park directors based on fire weather advisories, snow/precipitation levels, and other local conditions.
Areas Open to the Public
* Cheondong 천동 ~ Cheondong Samgeori (Three-way Intersection) 천동삼거리(6.2km)
* Eouigok 어의곡 ~ Eouigok Samgeori (Three-way Intersection) 어의곡삼거리(4.2km)
* Jungnyeong 죽령 ~ Yeonhwabong Peak 연화봉(7.0km)
* Beodeulbat Field 버들밭 ~ Soya 소야(2.5km)
* Samga 삼가 ~ Birobong Peak 비로봉(5.7km)
* Huibang Parking Lot 희방주차장 ~ Yeonhwabong Peak 연화봉(2.9km)
* Yeonhwabong Peak 연화봉 ~ Birobong Peak 비로봉(4.3km)
* Jujeonggol 주정골 ~ Jungnyeong 죽령(2.0km)
* Dalbatgol 달밭골 ~ Choamsa Temple 초암사 (3.1km)
Restricted Mountain Areas
* Myojeongnyeong 묘적령 ~ Jungnyeong 죽령(8.6km)
* Euljeon 을전 ~ Neujeunmaegijae Pass 늦은맥이재(4.5km)
* Choamsa Temple 초암사 ~ Gungmangbong Peak 국망봉 (4.0km)
* Birobong Peak 비로봉 ~ Gungmangbong Peak 국망봉(3.1km)
* Gungmangbong Peak 국망봉 ~ Nujeunmogi 늦은목이(25.0km)
* Yeonhwadong 연화동 ~ Yeonhwadong Samgeori (Three-way Intersection) 연화동삼거리
* Jeomma 점마 ~ Hajwaseok 하좌석(4.1km)
* Danggol 당골 ~ Yuseoksa Temple 유석사(3.2km)
* Huibang Station 희방역 ~ Huibang Parking Lot 3 희방3주차장(1.5km)
Natural Preservation Areas (closed to public)
* Yeonhwabong Peak ~ Birobong Peak, Gukmangbong Peak (Hiking Path Excluded): until 2026
* Dosolbong Peak (Hiking Path Excluded): until 2028
* Birobong Peak Yew Habitat: until 2026
* Yeonghwabong Peak No. 1: until 2026
Parking Facilities
Available (Parking Fees)
Compact cars 2,000 won / Small cars 4,000 won / Buses 6,000 won
Available Facilities
* Camping sites
Samga camping sites(8,045㎡) - 300 people, Yeongju-si Punggi-eup Samga-ri
Namcheon camping site No. 1(3,156㎡) - 76 people / Namcheon camping site No. 2(4,208㎡) - 100 people, Danyang-gun Yeongchun-myeon Namcheon-ri
- Board the bus to Danyang at Dong Seoul Terminal (Departure every hour (06:59-14:00, 2 hour and 30 minute ride)

- Board the bus to Jukryeong (10 minute ride), Eouigok (30 minute ride) or Darian (40 minute ride) at Danyang Bus Terminal

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