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The Hotel Miranda Swimming Pools (indoor/outdoor)   
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Gyeonggi-do Icheon-si Anheung-dong 408-1
경기도 이천시 중리천로115번길 45 (안흥동)
- Korea Travel Phone +82-31-1330 (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
- For more info +82-31-639-5000 (Korean)
(Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
The Hotel Miranda is known as the greatest landmark in the Icheon province, presenting over 8,000 pyeongs (approx. 26,400 ㎡) of hotel luxury consisting of a basement floor, 10-story building for its main complex, and a 3-story annex, along with an astonishing 10,000-pyeong (approx. 33,000 ㎡) SpaPlus spa complex. This enormous spa facility consists of an indoor swimming pool, a kiddie pool, event spas, a tube ride, and more for the entire family to enjoy. Other forms of family fun also include a variety of wave pools and Korea’s longest water slide to indulge visitors in thrills and chills.
Opening Date
Indoor - all year around
Outdoor - July ~ August
Operating Hours
Waterpark (indoor) 06:00 ~ 21:00, (outdoor) 06:00 ~ 20:00
Admission Fees
Weekdays - Adult 20,000 won / Children 13,000
Weekends - Adult 25,000 won / Children 18,000
* For more details
Structure Size
Indoor 1,035.54㎡ / Outdoor 524.7㎡
Maximum Occupancy
Main Facilities
Indoor pool, Kiddie pool, Wave pool, Tube ride, Aqua tube slide, Mini slide
Parking Facilities
Credit Cards Accepted
Baby Stroller Rental Services
* Seoul – Jungbu Expressway (35min) – West Icheon I.C. – Industrial Road (5min) – Hotel Miranda
* Seoul – Gyeongbu Expressway (20min) – Singil I.C. – Yeongdong Expressway (20min) – Icheon I.C. (10min) – Hotel Miranda
* Seoul – Industrial Road (60min) – Hotel Miranda
* Seoul – National Road #3 (30min) - Gwangju – Industrial Road (20min) – Hotel Miranda
Intercity Transportation  
* Bus
From the Dong Seoul Bus Terminal or Seoul Express Bus Terminal, take a bus headed towards Icheon for 50 minutes. Walk for about 5 minutes from the Icheon Bus Terminal.

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