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Gyeongsangnam-do » Gimhae-si » Gimhae National Museum (국립김해박물관)


Gimhae National Museum (국립김해박물관)    
Gimhae National Muse...
Gimhae National Muse...
  • Gimhae National Muse...
  • Gimhae National Museum (국립김해박물관)
  • Gimhae National Museum (국립김해박물관)
  • Gimhae National Museum (국립김해박물관)
  • Gimhae National Museum (국립김해박물관)
  • Gimhae National Museum (국립김해박물관)
  • Gimhae National Museum (국립김해박물관)
  • Gimhae National Museum (국립김해박물관)
  • Gimhae National Museum (국립김해박물관)
  • Gimhae National Museum (국립김해박물관)
  • Gimhae National Museum (국립김해박물관)
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190, Gayaui-gil, Gimhae-si, Gyeongsangnam-do
경상남도 김해시 가야의길 190 (구산동)
• 1330 Travel Hotline: +82-55-1330 (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
• For more info: +82-55-320-6800, 320-6825
Operating Hours
Weekdays 09:00-18:00 / Weekends & Naitonal holidays 09:00-19:00
* Night open (Apr-Oct) 09:00-21:00
* The last Wednesday of every month 09:00-19:00
* Ticket booth closes 30 min before closing hours.
Every Monday, January 1
VisitKorea does not guarantee the quality of products or services introduced on its site and is not responsible for any direct or indirect losses resulting from use of said products or services.

On July 29, 1998, the Gimhae National Museum was opened in order to research and preserve the cultural heritage of the ancient kingdom of Gaya. The museum is at the foot of Gujibong Peak in Gimhae-si, the spot where the kingdom is believed to have been founded. The museum exhibits the cultural assets of Gaya, as well as cultural relics from the prehistoric age in the Busan and Gyeongsangnam-do areas, and the cultural heritage of Byeonhan, which was the foundation for the growth of Gaya.

Compared to other ancient kingdoms, relatively few historical records on Gaya remain. For this reason, relics and remains that have been unearthed through archaeological excavations need to be studied in order to gain an understanding of the ancient kingdom. In this sense, the Gimhae National Museum is a specialized museum used by professional archaeologists as well as the general public.

Structure Size
B1 - 3F
Exhibition Hall Information
Gallery 1 - Neolithic Age, Bronze Age, Byeonhan, Geumgwan Gaya
Gallery 2 – Understanding the Relics of Gaya, Ara Gaya, Daegaya, Sogaya, Ancient Tomb on the East Bank of the Nakdonggang River, Style of the Unification Period
Open-air Exhibition Hall
The open-air exhibition hall, which is located in the museum square and in front of the entrance to the galleries, displays tombs of the Bronze Age and Gaya period that were moved from their original sites and reconstructed.
- Burials of the Bronze Age (goindol; dolmen), stone coffin tombs, and burials of Gaya (stone-lined tombs)
Admission / Participation Fees
Free of Charge (until Dec. 31 2009)
Parking Facilities
150 spaces available

From the Gimhae Airport, take the Airport Bus and get off at the Gimhae Terminal. Transfer to bus #2, 3, 4, 6, 82 and get off at Gimhae District Office of Education station

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