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Gangwon-do » Sokcho-si » Daecheongbong Peak (설악 대청봉)


Daecheongbong Peak (설악 대청봉)   
Daecheongbong Peak (...
Daecheongbong Peak (...
  • Daecheongbong Peak (...
  • Daecheongbong Peak (설악 대청봉)
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Inje-gun, Yangyang-gun, Seoraksan-ro, Yangyang-gun, Gangwon-do
강원도 속초시 설악산로 , 인제군, 양양군
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(Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
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At 1,708 meters high, Daecheongbong is the highest peak in Seoraksan National Park and the third highest peak in Korea following Hallasan Mountain (1,950 meters) and Jirisan Mountain (1,915 meters). It marks the point where Nae-Serok (inner Serok) meets Oe-Serok (outer Serok). Due to irregular climate and low temperatures, it is home to various stunted high mountain plants and about 50 rare plants, as well as a variety of wild birds. From Daecheongbong Peak you can view the fascinating landscape of Seoraksan Mountain in all four directions.

The most popular hiking trail to Daecheongbong Peak starts from Sogongwon and passes the Biseondae and Hoeungak Pavilions. From Daecheongbong Peak, the trail continues to Seorak Waterfalls and Osaek Mineral Spring. The one-way span is about 16 kilometers and takes about 11 hours and 20 minutes. About 10 minutes from Oryeon Falls is the Yangpok Shelter where visitors can stay the night on a first-come first-served basis. The website offers more information on shelters and reservation.

Hiking Course
* Biryong Falls Course (2.4km / 50min)
Sogongwon – Yukdam Falls - Biryong Falls

* Geumganggul Cave Course (3.6km / 1hr 40min)
Sogongwon – Waseondae – Biseondae - Geumganggul Cave

* Ulsanbawi Rock Course (3.8km / 2hrs 20min)
Sogongwon – Sinheungsa Temple – Gyejoam - Ulsanbawi Rock

* Yongso Falls Course (3.2km / 1hr 10min)
Yaksuteo Visitor Center – Seongguksa Temple - Yongso Falls- Yongso Falls Visitor Center

* Baekdamsa Temple Course (6km / 1hr 20min)
Baekdam Visitor Center - Baekdamsa Temple

* Daeseung Falls Course (0.9km / 50min)
Jangsudae - Daeseung Falls

* Yangpok Course (6km / 3hrs 50min)
Sogongwon – Waseondae – Biseondae – Gwimyeonam – Yangpok Shelter

* Suryeomdong Course (10.7km / 3hrs 10min)
Baekdamsa Temple – Yeongsiam – Suryeomdong Shelter

* Namgyori Course (11.3km / 7hrs 30min)
Namgyori – Boksungatang – Daeseungnyeong – Jangsudae

* Daecheongbong Peak (Osaek) Course (10km / 8hrs)
Osaek – Seorak Falls – Daecheongbong Peak – Seorak Falls – Osaek

* Heullimgol Course (3.3km / 2hrs 30min)
Heullimgol jikimteo – Deungseondae – Yongso Visitor Center

* Gwongeumseong Course (1.5km / 30min)
Sogongwon – Cable car - Gwongeumseong

2 Day Course

* Daecheongbong Peak (Hangyeryeong) Course (19.3km / 13hrs 20min)
Hangyeryeong Visitor Center – Hangyeryeong crossroads – Seobuk ridge – Daecheongbong Peak – Huiungak – Biseondae – Sogongwon

* Daecheongbong Peak (Seorakdong) Course (16km / 11hrs 20min)
Sogongwon – Biseondae – Huiungak – Daecheongbong Peak – Seorak Falls - Osaek

* Daecheongbong Peak (Baekdam) Course (31km / 16hrs)
Baekdamsa Temple – Yeongsiam – Suryeomdong Shelter – Bongjeongam – Socheongbong Peak – Daecheongbong Peak – Huiungak - Biseondae

* Gongnyong ridge Course (22.1km / 16hrs 30min)
Sogongwon – Geumganggul Cave – Madeungnyeong - Gongnyong ridge – Huiungak – Daecheongbong Peak – Osaek

Parking Facilities
Take an intercity bus to Sokcho Intercity Bus Terminal.
From Sokcho Terminal, take bus 7 or 7-1.
Get off at Seorak-dong Sogongwon (the last stop).
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