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Seoul » Seodaemun-gu » Ewha Language Center (이화여자대학교 언어교육원)


Ewha Language Center (이화여자대학교 언어교육원)   
Ewha Language Center...
Ewha Language Center...
  • Ewha Language Center...
  • Ewha Language Center (이화여자대학교 언어교육원)
  • Ewha Language Center (이화여자대학교 언어교육원)
  • Ewha Language Center (이화여자대학교 언어교육원)
  • Ewha Language Center (이화여자대학교 언어교육원)
  • Ewha Language Center (이화여자대학교 언어교육원)
  • Ewha Language Center (이화여자대학교 언어교육원)
  • Ewha Language Center (이화여자대학교 언어교육원)
11-1, Daehyeon-dong, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul-si
Website (Korean, English)
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The Ewha Language Center of the Ewha Womens' University was established in 1962 as an institute for language education. The Ewha Language Center is characterized by four traits: solid language training philosophy, creative teaching methodology, leading teaching staff and the latest in training facilities, thereby playing a pioneering role since its foundation in language education.
*Intensive: There are four terms per year, each term lasting 10 weeks. The Korean language program is a comprehensive program encompassing speaking, listening, reading and writing with an employed teaching methodology. Two teachers team up to lead a class where various activities closely linked to everyday life are covered in the communication training, along with some cultural learning to broaden the understanding of the culture to optimize the pace and breadth of acquisition of the language.

*Regular Program: There are 6 terms in a year and each term continues for 3 weeks. Classes are run on 5 times per week through Monday to Friday, and choose either to take morning class or evening class. The program focuses to improve everyday life conversation skills in speaking and listening mostly. A special business Korean course offered in the evening classes to enhance office worker’s business language.

*Short-term Program: Summer and Winter (3 weeks per term)- Beginner, intermediary, advanced classes available depending on level of proficiency in the Korean language.

*Commissioned Program: (Academic Korean & Korean Language Training for KGSP Students) The program is for the regular international students and the exchange students at Ewha Womans University and designed to assist academic as well as wide range of activities taking place in the undergraduate and graduate courses.
Both male and female foreigners or ethnic Koreans with a high school diploma or its equivalent (between the ages of 19-65)
Required Documents

- Application form with a recent photograph
- A copy of your passport
- A copy of your Alien Registration Card (visa-holders only)
- A copy of your Diploma or Certificate of Graduation or Certificate of Enrolment
- A copy of your insurance policy (should include coverage of injuries or diseases)
- A copy of bank statement under student’s name with a minimum balance of USD 5,000 to be maintained for 2 semesters (required for D4 visa applicants)


Online registration (submit documents via email) → Document evaluation → Result notification → Tuition fee payment → Issuance of admission letter (for visa application purposes) → Visa application and acquisition → Start the semester

※ A placement test will be conducted before the new semester (includes a written and speaking test)

*Intensive Korean Language Program
- Application fee: 60,000 won
- Tuition fee: 1,540,000 won

*Short-term Program
- Application fee: 40,000 won
- Tuition fee: 720,000 won
C-3 Visa (Tourists)
To enroll for a term requires a C-3 visa that allows a stay of three months in Korea. Apply for a C-3 at your nearest Korean embassy or consulate. As the visa needs to be valid throughout the term, double check the date of expiry. For your information, C-3 visa are not extended. C-3 visa lasts for 90 days and are issued immediately upon application. Students can present the letter of admission with other documents at the Immigration Office in Korea to transfer to a D-4 student visa)

D-4 Visa (Students)
Students wishing to attend the Korean language course for at least a semester are advised to apply for the D-4 visa. It normally takes a month to get the D-4 visa from application. Students applying for a D-4 visa for the first time must submit to their local Korean embassy or consultate office the letter of admission, a sponsorship letter, a passport and other necessary documents. The letter of admission are only issued to students attending the intensive program and not for students in the regular program. Students wishing to get a D-4 visa must enroll in the intensive program. (To get a D-4 visa, a letter of admission, a notarized sponsorship letter, documents substantiating financing plans for the tuition, among others as required, must be presented to the student's local Korean embassy or consultate office. As it normally takes a month to get the visa, students are advised to start the process before coming to Korea).
The Ewha Womens' University dormitory is well-equipped with a wide range of convenient facilities, so getting a room is not always guaranteed. Prior reservation is essential so make sure that you check the availability upon registration and make a reservation. (dorm rooms are reserved on a monthly basis). Reservation is open to students who have completing the registration process, on a first come first served basis. (See Life @ Ewha for more details) There are a number of boarding house options around the university in a range of prices and it is usually not difficult to find one that fits the different student needs. The Ewha Language Center also recommends good boarding houses near the university. (around 450,000~550,000won per person per month)
Registration Cancelation
Cancellation before the beginning of the semester: 90% of the tuition will be refunded.
Cancellation before the end of the first week of classes: 80% of the tuition will be refunded.
No refund after the first week of the semester. For cancellations, the original tuition invoice and a copy of the bank passbook under the student's name should be submitted.
1.Subway Line 2 Ewha Womens University, exit 2 or 3
2.Bus: Blue and Green 161, 270, 272, 370, 470, 601, 606, 700, 750, 6714, 7020, 7720), or Red 9600, 9601, 9602, 9706, 9713

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