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Seoul » Mapo-gu » Sogang University Korean Language Education Center (서강대학교 한국어교육원)


Sogang University Korean Language Education Center (서강대학교 한국어교육원)   
Sogang University Ko...
Sogang University Ko...
  • Sogang University Ko...
  • Sogang University Korean Language Education Center (서강대학교 한국어교육원)
  • Sogang University Korean Language Education Center (서강대학교 한국어교육원)
  • Sogang University Korean Language Education Center (서강대학교 한국어교육원)
  • Sogang University Korean Language Education Center (서강대학교 한국어교육원)
  • Sogang University Korean Language Education Center (서강대학교 한국어교육원)
  • Sogang University Korean Language Education Center (서강대학교 한국어교육원)
  • Sogang University Korean Language Education Center (서강대학교 한국어교육원)
  • Sogang University Korean Language Education Center (서강대학교 한국어교육원)
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Seogang Univ., Sinsu-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul-si
Website (Korean, English, Japaense, Chinese)
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With the goal of making Korean culture and the Korean language more widely known throughout the world, Sogang University's Korean Language Education Center was established in 1990. Since then, roughly 10,000 foreigners who came to study the Korean language and Korean culture have passed through this program. Presently, about 1,300 students enroll in Sogang University's Korean Language Education Center each year.
*Regular 20 hours per week program: There are total 7 steps in this program each step consisting a 10 week program (200 hours), five days a week, four hours a day. The course covers speaking, listening, reading and writing respecitvely per each hour, between 09:00-13:00.
*Regular 15 hours per week program: This is a total 150 hour program run every weekday between 10:00-13:00.
Course covers speaking, listening and reading, fo each respective hour.
*There is also an evening program. 3 days a week/2 hours per day/total 4 steps for 10 weeks (60hours).
Minimum requirement of a high school diploma or its equivalent
Required Documents
A Copy Letter of Admission (including 1 photo)
A Copy of passport and alien registration
A Copy of graduation certificate from last school attended
- Sponsorship letter may be required depending on where you are.
- For applicants of the student visa (D-4 visa), a sponsorship letter is often required. Students who need a sponsorship letter need to visit a law firm with a Korean sponsor.
-Additional documents may be requested depending on circumstances.
Application for Admission (including 1 photograph)
A copy of student's passport (or alien registration card)
A copy of certificate of graduation from the last school attended (or certificate of enrollment)
A copy of academic transcript
A copy of notarized sponsorship letter
A certificate of bank balance (at least USD3,000)
A certificate of Hogubu
Fill-in the application forms for admission >> apply for a placement test>> LEC annouce admissions. Admissions are notified within two weeks.>> Tuition payment>>LEC confirms admission>>Get Visa from your local Korean Embassy or consulate office>>Take the placement test at the LEC.
Regular Program (20 hours/week): 1,360,000won (Textbooks: 45,000won for three hour programs, 50,000won for 4 hour programs, plus 60,000won of admission fee)
Regular Program (15 hours/week): 1,210,000won (Textbooks: 45,000won for three hour programs, 50,000won for four hour programs, 60,000won for admission fee)
Evening Program: 600,000won (text books, admission charge not included)
1. Regular Short-term Visa (C-3): Students planning to study at Korean Language Education Center for only one term (10 weeks) may apply for the C-3 visa. This visa is good for three months and can be issued immediately upon application. Students wishing to change their C-3 Visa from a D-4 should bring appropriate documents to the Immigration Bureau, because students from certain countries may be ineligible to apply, we recommend that students make their own separate inquiries ahead of time.
2. Normal Student Visa (C-4): Students who are planning to study for more than one term should apply for the D-4 visa. This visa is usually good for six months and can be renewed within Korea. Since this visa takes approximately one month to process, students should apply for this visa at least two months before leaving for Korea.
3. Notarized Sponsorship Letter
To get a student visa, a notarized reference letter ma be required. A sponsor can be any Korean adult employed and currently residing in Korea. It is the responsibility of the student to find a sponsor; our institution is regrettably unable to provide sponsorship.
*We recommend that students contact the Korean Embassy or Consulate.
1. Dormitory
There are dormitories on campus. However, the dormitories are only made available under special circumstances as there are not enough rooms to meet the demand of all the students.
2. Boarding House (Hasuk)
There are many boardinghouses around Sogang University. Cost of boarding (including two meals daily) is around 400,000 ~ 500,000 won/month. Some boarding houses offer the laundry service. In order to get a real taste of Korean culture, we recommend that our students stay at a boarding house, close to the University. The Korean Language Education Center office has the information.
3. Boarding with bed and desk (Gosiwon)
Gosiwons provide a single room usually small enough to fit a desk and a bed, for each individual, originally intended for students studying for national examinations. Cost is cheaper than boarding houes (300,000- 400,000won/may be higher for rooms with PC and individual shower facility). As each room is isolated and tenancy in these facilities are primarily for study purpose, it is not ideal for cultural exchange with other students.
4. Studios
These are studio type rooms that can be used like a personal apartment. The cost and accommodation facilities are similar to a gosiwon. However, cash deposit of around 10 million won is usually required and there are extra monthly charges that is a combination of a share of the building overhead cost for maintenance and security, as well as utility charges on the room including gas, electricity and water.
Registration Cancelation
Application fees are non-refundable. Tuition can be returned in part if refund is applied before the 1st day of class. The application for a refund should be submitted to the administration office at least one week in advance of classes. For applications made during the first week of a term, only 50% will be refunded. Students who request for a refund a week after the classes cannot get a refund even if they have not attended classes during the first week. The original invoice of tuition payment and a copy of the applicant's bank passbook (first page with signature) must be submitted.
Subway Line 2 Exit 6 of Sinchon Station or Exit 1 of Line 6 Daeheung Station
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