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Seoul » Seongbuk-gu » Korea University Korean Language and Culture Center (KLCC) (고려대학교 한국어문화교육센터)


Korea University Korean Language and Culture Center (KLCC) (고려대학교 한국어문화교육센터)   
Korea University Kor...
Korea University Kor...
  • Korea University Kor...
  • Korea University Korean Language and Culture Center (KLCC) (고려대학교 한국어문화교육센터)
  • Korea University Korean Language and Culture Center (KLCC) (고려대학교 한국어문화교육센터)
  • Korea University Korean Language and Culture Center (KLCC) (고려대학교 한국어문화교육센터)
  • Korea University Korean Language and Culture Center (KLCC) (고려대학교 한국어문화교육센터)
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145, Anam-ro, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul (Anam-dong 5-ga, Korea University)
(Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
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The Korean Language and Culture Center (KLCC), under the support of the Institute of Foreign Language Studies, was established on March 1, 1986 to teach and promote Korean language and culture throughout the world. So far over 25,000 foreigners and overseas Koreans wanting to learn the Korean language, history, and culture have taken advantage of the program and at present, approximately 3,000 foreigners and overseas Koreans enroll in the Korean Language and Cultural Studies Program annually. The KLCC is equipped with cutting-edge language training multi-media labs, utilizes  leading teaching methodologies, and continues to strive to develop and implement the most effective language trainining to reinforce its leading role in teaching fundementals of the Korean language. The center strives to provide effective classes for foreigners and Koreans abroad in a comfortable and enjoyable environment.
*Regular Program
-For students aged 15 and older, enrolled in high schools or in a higher degree program (1 year program consisting of 4 terms: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter).
-Each term runs for 10 weeks with 200 class hours.
-There are 6 levels of proficiency and students are grouped according to their level of proficiency. Students successfully completing all 6 levels can attend a Research class.

*Summer School for Teenagers
-For Overseas Korean middle and high school students, and foreign nationals under 18 years of age.
-There are Korean language classes, Korean cultural experience programs, special evening classes and more, comprised of various activities.

*Intensitve Program
-This program is for adult learners who wish to learn the Korean language and culture intensively in a short time period.

*Special Program for Japanses Students
-This is for Japanese and Korean-Japanese students with a high school diploma, offering a short-term intensive language and culture course.

*Customized Program


To find more about the programs, visit the official website.
Academic Calendar
Send Application Form, Documents and Tuition >> Admissions Letter Issued>> Visa Documents (inquire at local Korean embassy or consulate office) >> Apply for visa >> Visa issued
Minimum requirement of a high school diploma or its equivalent.
Required Documents
1. Application Form
2. Certificate of graduation or enrollment from last school attended (original required)
3. A copy of your passport
4. 2 (3x4cm) photos
5. Certificate of bank balance of at least $3,000 (a document to substantiate parent-child relationship if the bank balance is under a parent name) or a letter or sponsorship (the sponsor has to be at least 20 years old, a Korean, living in Korea with a job. A copy of certificate of employment or business registration should be presented with the sponsorship letter)
*Submitted documents will not be returned.
*The documents to be submitted may vary depending on your nationality, so please check the details on the website or send your inquiries via email.
① Download the guidelines and application form mailed from Korean Language and Culture Center (KLCC) or found at its website.
② Fill out the required attached document, along with making payment of the application fee and tuition fee.
③ Confirm your enrollment and via e-mail or phone call.
④ Get your Admissions Letter issued.
* Prepare the certificate of bank statement that is balance of at least $3,000.

① Visit KLCC office (Intl' Studies Hall 208, B-ho) with completed application form, required documents, application fee and tuition.
② Fill out registration form and make required payments.
③ Get your Admissions Letter issued.

(1) Application fee: 60,000 won (non-refundable)
(2) Tuition fee:
    *Regular program
    -Morning Class: 1,580,000 won per term
    -Afternoon Class: 1,220,000 won per term
    -Advanced Research Class: 1,340,000 won per term
    *Intensive program
    -Summer 1st half: 1,240,000 won per term
    -Summer 2nd half: 1,100,000 won per term
    -Winter: 1,100,000 won per term
    *Special program for Japanese students
    -Spring: 950,000 won per term
    -Summer: 860,000 won per term
    *Summer school for teens: USD 3,103 (includes application fee)
(3) Fees are adjusted every year in spring. Individuals who paid in advance must also pay the difference after the adjustments are made.

※ If conditions are met, tuition reduction is applicable. Check availability with KLCC.

(1) Short-term Visa (C-3)
C-3 allows holders to stay for a period of only 3 months in Korea. Students planning to enroll in special short-term programs or only for 1 term should apply for the C-3 visa. For students who entered the country with a C-3 visa who wish to extend their study, should prepare the required documents and apply for an extension at the Korean Immigration Office to transfer to a D-4 visa status.
*C-3 Documents
ㅇSubmit to: Korean embassy or consulate office in your country of current residence
ㅇDocuments: a copy of admissions letter, passport, 1 photo, other additional documents (varies depending on country)
(2) Student Visa (D-4)
For any study plans extending beyond three months, students should apply for a D-4 visa. The D-4 visa is valid for 6 months and can be extended for up to 18 months. Documents required (such as admissions letter, sponsorship letter, evidence of finances) should be submitted to a local Korean embassy or consulate office. As it normally takes a month or so to process a D-4, students will need to start the process at least 2 months prior to the start of their term.
(3) Sponsorship Letter
Those wishing to apply for a D-4 visa require a notarized sponsorship letter. The sponsorship letter should be written by a Korean adult living in Korea with a job. Download the application form from the university website and visit a nearby legal office or notary office with the sponsor's seal and ID card.
Registration Cancelation

(1) Deferrals
- After completing the application process and paying the fees, a student can apply for a one-term deferral by submitting a written request, which must be received one week before the first day of class.
- The deferral will be granted for one term only. If the student does not enroll in the next term, his or her application will be voided and the tuition will not be refunded.
(If students fail to obtain a visa, students have to cancel their enrollment as they cannot postpone their enrollment.)

(2) Withdrawals
- A student can withdraw if there is a personal reason approved by director of IFLS.
- To withdraw formally from the program, a written request must be submitted.
- The tuition will be refunded according to the refund policy.

(3) Refunds
- Application fee is not refundable.
- One week before the first class day, 90% refund will be granted.
- Within two weeks after the first class day, 70% refund will be granted.
- After two weeks, no refunds will be granted.

※ Note
- In cases where a student is denied a visa, a full refund will be granted only if the student submits all of the following documents: KLCC withdrawal application, letter of admission, receipt for tuition payment, letter from the Korean Consulate General denying the visa.
- In cases where a student is denied a visa, he/she should submit a withdrawal application at least one week prior to the start of the program in order to get a full refund.


Anam Station (Seoul Subway Line 6) Exit 2. KU Back Gate -> Tiger Plaza -> Intl' Studies Hall 201

Korea University Station (Seoul Subway Line 6) Exit 1. KU Main Gate -> Central Plaza -> Student Union Bldg -> Communications Bldg -> Intl' Studies Hall 201


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