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Seoul » Seodaemun-gu » Yonsei University Korean Language Institute (연세대학교 한국어학당)


Yonsei University Korean Language Institute (연세대학교 한국어학당)   
Yonsei University Ko...
Yonsei University Ko...
  • Yonsei University Ko...
  • Yonsei University Korean Language Institute (연세대학교 한국어학당)
  • Yonsei University Korean Language Institute (연세대학교 한국어학당)
  • Yonsei University Korean Language Institute (연세대학교 한국어학당)
  • Yonsei University Korean Language Institute (연세대학교 한국어학당)
  • Yonsei University Korean Language Institute (연세대학교 한국어학당)
  • Yonsei University Korean Language Institute (연세대학교 한국어학당)
  • Yonsei University Korean Language Institute (연세대학교 한국어학당)
  • Yonsei University Korean Language Institute (연세대학교 한국어학당)
  • Yonsei University Korean Language Institute (연세대학교 한국어학당)
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Seoul-si Seodaemun-gu Sinchon-dong Yeonse Univ. 134
Website (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
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The Korean Language Institute of Yonsei University, founded in 1959, has been providing Korean language classes for foreigners and ethnic Koreans who wish to learn more about the language and the culture. The list of previous students includes missionaries, diplomats, businessmen and journalists among many others and has since been serving as a pillar for the promotion of the Korean language education. According to statistical analysis released in 2005, a total of 52,410 students in 120 countries are learning the Korean language. With the success of the Los Angeles center, the KLI plans to install branches in Japan and China.
Regular Course: The regular program in the Korean Language Institute is designed for students of foreign nationality or ethnic Koreans with at least three months of prior learning of the Korean language, who wish to study in Korea (undergraduate or graduate programs) or who wish to speak fluent Korean for employment purposes. (One term lasts 10 weeks (200hours)/5 days a week, 09:00-13:00, 4 hours a day) Student assessment is done on the basis of Test: 80% (Mid-term 40% + End of Term 40%: Speaking 25%/Listening 25%/Reading 25%/Writing 25%) and Others 20%(participation, understanding, pronunciation, intonation etc)
Other programs including Other programs include special summer and winter courses, afternoon course, evening course and a three week course.
High school diploma or its equivalent
Required Documents

(1) A completed online application form (you can get the form after registering on the website)
(2) A photocopy of the student's passport (for those with an Alien Registration Card, submit it together with the copy of the passport)
(3) A copy of the student’s transcript or diploma from the last school attended (Documents not in Korean, English, Japanese or Chinese must be translated to one of these languages and notarized).
(4)  For those who wish to obtain visa documents from KLI, submit either ① or ②
   ① A letter of sponsorship/guarantee from a Korean.
   ② A bank statement under the student’s name (minimum balance of 5,000,000 won)

※ Notes:
- KLI may request for additional documents depending on circumstances.
- As per the Ministry of Justice, students from the 21 countries* should obtain an Apostille Certification** for their diploma and transcript. Submit this together with Proof/Certificate of Family Relationship or birth certificate.

* The 21 countries are the following: Philippines, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Mongolia, Thailand, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, India, Myanmar, Nepal, Iran, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Nigeria, Ghana, Egypt, Peru
** Inquiries about Apostille Certification can be made with the nearest Korean Embassy or the consular office of Korea in your country.

Submit Application Forms >> Review application document >> notify admission >> receive admission letter & apply for visa
Application fee: 60,000 won (Non-refundable)
Tuition fee: 1,680,000 won per term (10 weeks)
Textbooks (89,000-143,000 won per term) are not included in the tuition fee.
Applicants should obtain a student visa or a training visa (visa status C-3 or D-4). It takes about a week or longer, depending on where you are, to get a 90-day student visa at the Embassy or Consulate office.
After 90 days in Korea, applicants may extend their visa as long as they continue to study at the Korean Language Program. People who enter Korea on a tourist visa cannot extend or change the visa status within the country.

General Short-Term Visa (C-3)
This visa is generally called a tourist visa or a visiting visa. Students who are planning to study at the language institute for only one term (10 weeks) may apply for the C-3 visa. This visa is good for 3 months (90 days) and can be issued immediately upon application at either a Korean Embassy or Consulate office. The carrier of this visa should coordinate his/her length of study in Korea within the effective days of the visa so as to avoid risking visa expiration during the course of study.

General Student Visa (D-4)
Students who are planning to study for more than one term should apply for the D-4 visa. This visa is usually good for 6 months at a time and can be renewed within Korea. Since this visa takes approximately 1 month to process upon application at either a Korean Embassy or Consulate office, students should apply for this visa at least 2 months before leaving for Korea.

(3) D-4 Visa Application Procedure for Chinese Students
Chinese Students normally apply for a six month D-4 visa as the 90 day C-3 visa is often rejected. Chinese students will need to come to the school administrative office to submit the required documents to the school administration and the school will issue a letter of admission after document screening process. The sponsor or guardian providing the letter of Sponsorship must come to a Korean Immigration Office with the necessary documents including an admissions letter (adademic documents, financial documents etc) to apply for a recognitition of visa issuance. It normally takes 3-4 weeks from application to visa issuance for the Immigration office to review the documents and issue the recognition of visa issuance. Once the recognition of visa issuance (granted with a number is issued, the student will be notified of this number and get the visa from a Korean consulate office in China.
(3) Sponsorship Letter
The sponsorship letter is required by the Immigration authorities in Korea to apply for the student visa. A Korean guardian or sponsor in Korea must write a sponsorship letter, have it notarize at a lawfirm or a notary office and submit it with the application forms. The sponsor must be a Korean national, residing and employed in Korea.
International House
Rooms in the dormitory are allocated on a first come first served basis. However, priority is given to students who do not have any acquaintances in Korea or are first time visitors to Korea. Applications can be made by indicating the intent for a dormitory by writing "dormitory required" on the back side of the application form. Normally students are notified around 1 month prior to each term of whether they have a dormitory room available or not. (Dormitory: 12,000won per day per student for a room for two. A desk, a bed, blankets and sheets provided to each student. Laundry and shower rooms are shared)

Boarding Houses
There are many boarding houses or studio-type accomodations near the campus so students usually do not have difficulty finding one. The KLI offers information on boarding houses for students having trouble finding one. (a single room providing two meals per day (breakfast, dinner) range 450,000~500,000won per month.
Registration Cancelation

Refund Policy:
- Before the placement test: 100% of the tuition fee is refundable
- After the placement test: 90% of the tuition fee is refundable
- Within one week after semester starts: 70% of the tuition fee is refundable
- After one week after semester starts: No refund

※ To be eligible for a refund, submit a Refund Request Form to the KLI Office. When claiming your refund, bring your bankbook (original), passport, and alien registration card (if applicable). Chinese students with a D4 visa cannot request for cancellation of the first two semesters.

International Students Counseling
Send detailed inquiry via e-mail: For English & Other Languages /Japanese

Sinchon Station (Seoul Subway Line 2), Exit 3.
Take a bus 7024 and get off at Ewha Womans University Middle School Bus Stop.


Dongnimmun Station (Seoul Subway Line 3), Exit 4.
Take a bus 7737 and get off at Ewha Womans University Back Gate Bus Stop.

(1) Ewha Womans University Back Gate Bus Stop
- Green bus: 9600, 9602, 9706, 9708, 9713
- Blue bus 161, 272, 370, 470, 601, 750

(2) Alumni Hall Bus Stop: 7737
(3) Ewha Womans University Middle School Bus Stop
- Blue bus: 272, 606, 708
- Red bus: 6714, 7017, 7024, 7737

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