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Gyeonggi-do » Guri-si » Goguryeo Blacksmith Town (고구려 대장간 마을)


Goguryeo Blacksmith Town (고구려 대장간 마을)   
Goguryeo Blacksmith ...
Goguryeo Blacksmith ...
  • Goguryeo Blacksmith ...
  • Goguryeo Blacksmith Town (고구려 대장간 마을)
  • Goguryeo Blacksmith Town (고구려 대장간 마을)
  • Goguryeo Blacksmith Town (고구려 대장간 마을)
  • Goguryeo Blacksmith Town (고구려 대장간 마을)
  • Goguryeo Blacksmith Town (고구려 대장간 마을)
  • Goguryeo Blacksmith Town (고구려 대장간 마을)
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Gyeonggi-do Guri-si Acheon-dong San 45-1
경기 구리시 우미내길 41
• 1330 tt call center: +82-31-1330
(Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
• For more info: +82-31-550-2363, 4
(Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
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Built on a 4,990-㎡ site in Acheon-dong Wuminae, Guri-si, Goguryeo Blacksmith Village has a Goguryeo steel mill, Malgal/Georan Tribe steel mill structures, the house of a Geomul Village chief, and a Mongolian village. It cost about 2.2 billion won to construct the set. Designed as an ecological space built mostly with stone and wood, it is the only Goguryeo blacksmith village in Korea and boasts Korea’s largest water mill and brick oven. It resembles an actual blacksmith’s shop, as water falls from a water mill with a seven-meter diameter, and the brick oven is two stories tall.

Scenes of the daily life of Goguryeo citizens inTaewangsasingi (Legend) were filmed here, including scenes of the blacksmith village. Once the filming of Taewangsasingi (Legend) is completed, it will be transformed into Korea’s first Goguryeo Folk Village. An exhibition hall displaying ancient ironware culture will be built. The site will be open to the public after December, once filming is completed.
N/A (Oepn all year round)
Operating Hours
* March - October : Weekday 09:00 - 18:00/ Weekend & Holidays 09:00 - 19:00
* November - February : 09:00 - 17:00
Parking Facilities
Available (free)
Admission Fees
* Adults (age 19 - 64) 3,000 won/ Group 2,000 won
* Youth (age 13 - 18) 2,000 won/ Group 1,500 won
* Child (age 7 - 12) 1,500 won/ Group 1,000 won
※ Group - 20 people or more
Gangbyeon Station, Subway Line 2, Exit #2 >> Take bus #9-1, 9-6, 9-7, 1, 1-1, 15 (duration: 25 minutes/ every 15 minutes/ fare: 1,000 won) >> Get off at Uminae Checkpoint >> 6 - 7min on foot

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