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Jeollabuk-do » Muju-gun » Muju Resort, Family Hotel


Muju Resort, Family Hotel   
Muju Resort, Family ...
Muju Resort, Family ...
  • Muju Resort, Family ...
  • Muju Resort, Family Hotel
  • Muju Resort, Family Hotel
  • Muju Resort, Family Hotel
  • Muju Resort, Family Hotel
  • Muju Resort, Family Hotel
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Jeollabuk-do Muju-gun Seolcheon-myeon Simgok-ri San 43-15
전라북도 무주군 설천면 만선로 185
Family Hotel/-----
- Korea Travel Phone +82-63-1330 (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
- For more info +82-63-322-6000 (Korean) / Seoul Office +82-2-3442-2055
Homepage (Korean, English)
VisitKorea does not guarantee the quality of products or services introduced on its site and is not responsible for any direct or indirect losses resulting from use of said products or services.
Guestroom Information
118 Tirol Hotel Rooms, 950 Family Hotel Rooms, 418 Kookmin Hotel
* Tirol Hotel: Tirol Hotel is famous for its unique Austrian atmosphere created by its authentic Austrian architecture, superb interior, and has often been referred to as the "Little Alps". Muju Resort's natural environment creates an adventurous and luxurious holiday for its guests.
* Family Hotel: The name of each complex represents Korean names for local flowers and trees that add intimacy and familiarity to your stay. The interiors of Sol Village and Ggot Village complexes are each designed with nature harmonizingwith the atmosphere of the Alps.
Number of Guestrooms
Room Amenities (Colored backgrounds designate availability)
TVFridgeA/CLaundry ServiceDryerJacuzzi / hot tubInternetCablePersonal SafeKitchen Facilities
Guestroom Kitchen
Check-In Time
Check-Out Time
Room Rates
₩ 44,000~

* The room rate is the lowest price for this accommodation. Rates may vary according to season, room type and whether or not guests are entitled to discount rates. Please make sure to check the exact rate in advance before making your reservations. The room rate listed above is subject to change.

Additional Taxes
Service Charges
Subsidiary Facilities
Ski Slopes, Outdoor Hot Springs Sauna, Nature Land (amusement rides), Golf Course, Gondola Tour, Water Sleigh, Viking, Treasure Hunting Course, Mini Golf, Hubang Ride, Telescope, Horse Riding, Carriage, Bicycles, Tennis, Orienteering, Survival Game, Iron Man Competition, Camp Fire
* Tirol Hotel - Western Restaurant, Korean Restaurant, Buffet
* Resort Restaurants - Korean Restaurant, Chinese Restaurant, Fast Food, Bakery, Udon Restaurant
Parking Facility
10,000 Car Parking Lot
Credit Cards
Not admitted
* From Seoul   
  Gyeongbu Highway - Hoedeok Junction (to Busan) - Daejeon Tunnel - Muju, Panam - Daejin Highway - Muju IC, then left - Jeoksangmyeon Intersection, left - Sasan Intersection, left - Chimok Tunnel - Gucheondong Tunnel - Muju Resort
  (206km, 2hrs 30min)

* From Busan
  Namhae Highway - Jinju Junction - Daejin Highway - Deokyusan IC, then left - to Gucheondong - Chimok Tunnel - Gucheondong Tunnel - Muju Resort
  (222km, 2hrs 40min)

* From Daejeon
  Namdaejeon IC - Daejin Highway - Muju IC, then left - Jeoksangmyeon Intersection, left - Sasan Intersection, left - Chimok Tunnel - Gucheondong Tunnel - Muju Resort
  (63.5km, 50min)

Intercity Transportation  
* Train
 1) Up Line
    Busan - Daegu - Yeongdong - Muju (bus) - Goemok - Muju Resort
 2) Down Line 
    Seoul - Deajeon - Yeongdong - Muju (bus) - Goemok - Muju Resort
   (Seoul Station 02-392-7788 / Yeongdong Station 043-743-7788 /Deajeon Station 042-253-7788 / Busan Staion 051-463-7788)
Local Transportation
* Muju and Gucheon-dong Resort Shuttle Bus 
* Muju : Mujugwanmun Gas Station, Hanpungnu entrance
  (From Muju Terminal, walk to the right for 5min) 
* Gucheon-dong  Stop - Deokyusan Parking Lot 
Nearby Tourism Attractions
* Deokyusan National Park(1,614m)
  1) Deokyusan Hiking Course
    ▶ Course 1 (2-days, 1-night) 
       Tourism Resort - Inwoldam - Ansimdae - Baekryeonsa Temple - Deokyusan Peak - Ogyeonjagul - Isokdae - Tourism Resort
    ▶ Course 2 (2-days, 1-night) 
       Tourism Resort - Inwoldam - Chilbong Mineral Waters - Deokyusan Peak - Baekryeonsa Temple - Tourism Resort
    ▶ Course 3 (2-days, 1-night)
       Tourism Resort - Baekryeonsa Temple - Deokyusan Peak - Chilyeon Waterfall - Anseong
    ▶ Course 4 (2-days, 1-night) 
       Tourism Resort - Baekryeonsa Temple - Deokyusan Peak - Gyeomryeong - Anguksa Temple

* Jeoksangsan (1,043m)
  1) Hiking Course
    ▶ Course 1 (4hrs) 
       Seochang - Jangdobawi - Seomun - Anguksa Temple - Sanjeong Lake - Songdae - Chimok
    ▶ Course 2 (2hrs 30min) 
       Sanjeong Lake - Bukmun - Mangwondae - Hyangno Peak - Intersection - Anryeomdae - Anguksa Temple - Sanjeong Lake

* Chilyeon Gorge
  1) Namdeokyusan Hiking Road (10hrs 40min) Ticket Office - Inwoldam - Baekryeonsa Temple - Hyangjeok Peak - Dongyeobryeong - Mureungsan
     - Satgatgoljae - Wolseongjae - Namdeokyusan - Yeonggaksa
  2) Chilbong Hiking Road (3hrs) Ticket Office - Inwoldam - Chilbong - Hyangjeok Peak
  3) Hwanggol Gorge Hiking Road (3hrs 30min) Myeongcheonli - Sagatgoljae - Hwangjeom
  4) Jeoksangsan Hiking Road (1hr 30min) Naebugang - Anguksa Temple / Seochang - Anguksa Temple (2hrs)

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