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Seoul » Jongno-gu » Dongwha Duty Free Shop (동화면세점)


1st Premium Shopping
Dongwha Duty Free Shop (동화면세점)   
Dongwha Duty Free Sh...
Dongwha Duty Free Sh...
  • Dongwha Duty Free Sh...
  • Dongwha Duty Free Shop (동화면세점)
  • Dongwha Duty Free Shop (동화면세점)
  • Dongwha Duty Free Shop (동화면세점)
  • Dongwha Duty Free Shop (동화면세점)
  • Dongwha Duty Free Shop (동화면세점)
  • Dongwha Duty Free Shop (동화면세점)
  • Dongwha Duty Free Shop (동화면세점)
  • Dongwha Duty Free Shop (동화면세점)
  • Dongwha Duty Free Shop (동화면세점)
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Gwanghwamun Building B1, 149, Sejong-daero, Jongno-gu, Seoul
서울특별시 종로구 세종대로 149 (세종로)
Type / Products
Duty Free Shops / Fashion apparel, boutiques, perfume, cosmetics, popular brands, souvenirs, and more.
• 1330 Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330 (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
• More info:
Korea DFS Service Center +82-2-732-0799 (Korean, English) /
Japan DFS Service Center:
+81-476-33-1911 (Japanese)
(Korean only)
VisitKorea does not guarantee the quality of products or services introduced on its site and is not responsible for any direct or indirect losses resulting from use of said products or services.
The Donghwa Duty Free Shop’s Purchasing Team only selects the world’s best brands for sale. You can shop for the latest popular brands in perfume, cosmetics, accessories, leather goods, and more. Apart from Korean brands and popular imported brands, you can also shop for specialty Korean products and folk crafts from all around the world.
Operating Hours
Open 365 days a year
Eligibility Requirements
The duty free shop is only available for customers with confirmed international flights.
Purchase Limit

There is a $3,000 (USD) limit for Korean residents and all purchases totaling over $400 (USD) are liable to be taxed.

Available Brands
• Boutique shops
Bally, S.Ferragamo, Gucci, L.Vuitton, Hermes, ST.John, Loewe, C.Dior, Missoni, E. Zegna, Coach, Celine, Max Mara, Aigner, Prada, Fendi, Buraerry, Etro, Chanel, Iceberg
• Miscellaneous
Shoes, accessories, watches, jewelry, sunglasses, leather goods, cosmetics, perfume
Ways to Shop
* Purchase Deliveries – Get a purchase ticket at the store, then pick up your merchandise at the purchase delivery center
* The Dongwha Duty Free Shop is larger than any other duty free shop and is still able to offer a wide selection of products at affordable prices.
* You can receive A/S at the customer service centers in Japan and Korea, no matter where your merchandises were purchased.
* Dongwha only sells original brand name products they import directly themselves.
* Communication in various languages are available for a more convenient shopping experience.
※ How to Shop
* Check your departure date and airline number, then make sure you have your passport before entering the duty free shop.
* Select items you would like to purchase.
* Purchases can be paid with cash, credit cards, and other foreign currencies as well.
* Receive a ticket for your purchases.
* Upon departure, visit the airport’s duty free exchange booth and present your ticket to receive your merchandise.
(Duty free exchange booths are located next to the domestic government offices after going through immigrations)
Credit Cards
All major credit cards accepted
Not permitted
Certification Period
Gwanghwamun Station (Seoul Subway Line 5), Exit 6.
The duty free shop is located in the tall building next to the subway exit.

Airport bus: 605
Red bus: 9600, 9702, 9706, 9708, 9709, 9713
Blue bus: 600, 602, 703
Green bus: 7019

Give the driver direction going to Donghwa Duty Free Shop on Gwanghwamun Sejongno Four-way street (Former Gukje Theater location)
+82-2-399-3000, +82-2-399-3100

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