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Gangwon-do » Yeongwol-gun » Donggang River Rafting (Yeongwol) (동강 래프팅 (영월))


Donggang River Rafting (Yeongwol) (동강 래프팅 (영월))   
Donggang River Rafti...
Donggang River Rafti...
  • Donggang River Rafti...
  • Donggang River Rafting (Yeongwol) (동강 래프팅 (영월))
  • Donggang River Rafting (Yeongwol) (동강 래프팅 (영월))
  • Donggang River Rafting (Yeongwol) (동강 래프팅 (영월))
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Donggang River, Yeongwol-eup, Yeongwol-gun, Gangwon-do
강원 영월군 영월읍 동강 일대 (영월읍)
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• For more info: +82-33-370-2294
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Yeongwol’s Donggang River is one of the top three rafting places in Korea, the other top three being Hantangang River and Naerincheon Stream. Each river has distinguished characteristics, so it is recommended to search for information like nearby attractions based on travel. Donggang River features breathtaking scenery comparable to Guilin in China.

The area called Donggang River includes Seogang River (Pyeongchanggang River), where Joyanggang River meets Dongnamcheon Stream and Yeongwol-gun. The river is a typical meandering stream with a limestone riverbed.
Opening Date
From April to November (Varies year to year)
Operating Hours
Tourism Course
* Route A: Munsan Naruteo (Ferry) → Seopse Riverside (10 km / 3 hr)
* Route B: Jintan Naruteo (Feery) → Seopse Riverside (13 km / 4 hr)
* Route C: Goseongunchi-ri → Seopse Riverside (30 km / 8 hr)
* Route D: Gossi Cave → Chungbuk Gyeonggye (boundary) (8 km / 2 hr)
Tel: +82-33-370-2460
Train : Get off at Yeongwol train station
Bus : Get off at Yeongwol Bus station.
- Dong Seoul terminal : departure time 06:10 (operates 20 times a day until 19:00)
- Chuncheon terminal : departure time 06:40 (operates 15 times a day until 18:40)
- Wonju terminal : departure time 06:40 (operates 24 times a day until 20:50)
- Jecheon terminal : departure time 06:20 (operates 60 times a day until 21:50)
- Gangneung terminal: departure time 05:50 (operates 20 times a day until 18:10)
Kimsatgat Motel - Goodstay (김삿갓모텔[우수숙박시설 굿스테이])
Kimsatgat Motel - Goodstay (김삿갓모텔[우수숙박시설 굿스테이])
  • Region : Yeongwol-gun Gangwon-do
  • Type : Inn/Motel
  • Located in Yeongwol-gun, Gangwon-do, Kimsatgat Motel has many things to see around it including the ...

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