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Gyeongsangbuk-do » Gyeongju-si » Shilla Millennium Park (신라밀레니엄파크)


Shilla Millennium Park (신라밀레니엄파크)   
Shilla Millennium Pa...
Shilla Millennium Pa...
  • Shilla Millennium Pa...
  • Shilla Millennium Park (신라밀레니엄파크)
  • Shilla Millennium Park (신라밀레니엄파크)
  • Shilla Millennium Park (신라밀레니엄파크)
  • Shilla Millennium Park (신라밀레니엄파크)
  • Shilla Millennium Park (신라밀레니엄파크)
  • Shilla Millennium Park (신라밀레니엄파크)
  • Shilla Millennium Park (신라밀레니엄파크)
  • Shilla Millennium Park (신라밀레니엄파크)
  • Shilla Millennium Park (신라밀레니엄파크)
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55-12, Expo-ro, Gyeongju-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do
경상북도 경주시 엑스포로 55-12 (신평동) 보문단지내
Amusement Parks
• 1330 Travel Hotline: +82-54-1330
(Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
• For more info: +82-54-778-2000, +82-54-778-2193 (Group booking)
(Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
VisitKorea does not guarantee the quality of products or services introduced on its site and is not responsible for any direct or indirect losses resulting from use of said products or services.

Shilla Millennium Park is a theme park integrating both education and entertainment about the history and culture of the Shilla Period.

Focusing on the Shilla Period (57 B.C.-935 A.D.), the park reproduces Shilla architecture and a village of aristocrats, tells children fun stories about the period, and offers symbolic architecture such as Emile Tower and Seokbinggo. Visitors are also invited to participate in things such as the Craft Clinic.

Visitors can enjoy an outdoor set in which the famous Korean show Queen Seondeok was filmed. In addition, the park houses Lagung, the first hanok (traditional Korean house) hotel in Korea. It became famous when it appeared as Yoon Ji-hoo’s home in the Korean soap opera, “Boys over Flowers.” The hotel is divided into Sweet Hanok and Royal Sweet Hanok. Right inside the hotel is an outdoor open bath offering comfort and rest to visitors (for more information, call +82-54-778-2100 or visit its website).

+82-54-778-2000, +82-54-778-2193 (Group booking)
Every Monday during winter season
3-4 hours
Tour Course Information

* Recommended morning course Millennium Gate – Sculpture Fountain – Main stage (‘Secret of Heavenly Chest’) - Songnimgil Road (Road of pine trees) – Seokbinggo (Icehouse) / Jogyokjang (Foot bath) – ‘Craftia’ (hands-on programs) – Ancient architecture of Silla – Hwarang stage (Hwarang Martial Arts) – TV filming location (Silla royal palace, Hwarang site) - Seolhwa Park / Children's playground - Bimalji – Cheoyong Falls

* Recommended afternoon course Millennium Gate - Cheoyong Falls - Main stage - Songnimgil Road (Road of pine trees) - Seokbinggo (Icehouse) / Jogyokjang (Foot bath) – ‘Craftia’ (hands-on programs) – Cheonnyeongodo (Thousand-year old capital) - Hwarang stage (Hwarang Martial Arts) - TV filming location (Silla royal palace, Hwarang site) - Seolhwa Park / Children's playground – Jang Bogo Stage - Bimalji - Sculpture Fountain

* Recommended night course Millennium Gate - Cheoyong Falls - Songnimgil Road (Road of pine trees) - Seokbinggo (Icehouse) / Jogyokjang (Foot bath) – ‘Craftia’ (hands-on programs, Dammogwon wood sculpture studio, Harmony fountain) - Cheonnyeongodo (Thousand-year old capital) - TV filming location (Silla royal palace, Hwarang site) - Seolhwa Park / Children's playground - Jang Bogo Stage - Main stage (‘Secret of Heavenly Chest’) - Sculpture Fountain
Film Locations
Fliming site of Queen Seondeok
Activity Information
* Performances
- The Secret of the Heavenly Chest (Main Stage / twice daily)
- The Tears of the Queen: Love Story of Queen Seondeok (Main Stage / once nightly, weekends and holidays only)
- Hwarang Martial Arts (Hwarang Stage / twice a day)
- The Love of Honangja (Puppet Theater)
- Seoktalhae (Shadow Theater)

* Craft Making
- Dyeing crafts, metal crafts, press and oil painting, clay crafts, traditional art and wooden art
- Visitors may take their finished products home with them

* Others
Wonhyo Philosophy Hall and trying on Queen Seondeok’s costume and Hwarang

※ The one-day pass covers the nighttime activities as well.
※ The one-day pass allows visitors to enjoy every performance in Shilla Millennium Park and seasonal special performances free of charge (except for fees related to materials used for making crafts).

Operating Hours
10:00-18:30 (Weekdays) / 10:00-19:00 (Weekends)
Parking Facilities
Free (except during peak season)
Admission Fees
Adults: Day 18,000 won / Night (after 16:00) 9,000 won
Teenagers: Day 15,000 won / Night 7,500 won
Children: Day 13,000 won / Night 6,500 won

[Summer peak season]
Adults: Night 12,000 won
Teenagers: Night 9,000 won
Children: Night 8,000 won

* No additional charge for performances inside the park for those with a one-day pass
* Fees apply to those who wish to participate in the hands-on activities at the crafts experience village.
* Night Admission starts at 16:00.
Available Facilities
- Attractions
Hwaeumtou, Dammokwon, Four Cities (Emille Tower, Constantinople, Baghdad, and Huanqingchi), Garam Fall, Millennium Gate, Seosuhyeong Eartenware, Sibiji Sinsang (12 Zodiacal Animal Deities), Seolhwa Park, Cheoyong Falls, and Bimalji

- Craft Experience Village

* Restaurants
- Restaurant Village and Tavern Village
- Film Set for Queen Seondeok
- Lagung Traditional Luxury Hotel
- Souvenir Shops

* Performance Stages
1) Main Stage
Main stage stretches almost 1000㎡ (land area) and almost 2000 m2 (water area). It is a large outdoor stage capable of housing over 1,500 visitors. It boasts various special effects, stunts, fireworks and more than 50 actors participate in a performance on the main stage. Detailed directing and the magnitude of the main stage are very impressive.

2) Jangbogo Stage
Somewhat smaller than the Main Stage, Jangbogo Stage provides visitors with opportunities to watch performances up close. Although current performances on Jangbogo Stage are shown on the ground, the park intends to expand the stage to have performances on the water in the near future.

3) Hwarang Stage
Hwarang Martial Arts, practiced by young knights of the Shilla Period, are demonstrated on the Hwarang Stage. The stage boasts a large arena (48m in diameter) and over 1,400 seats. It consists of the King’s Seat and Commander’s Post. Actors riding twelve horses demonstrate superb, dynamic skills.

4) Other Performances
Millennium Buksori Drum Show is performed on the Outdoor Stage during weekends and holidays while Puppet Theater regularly shows The Love of Honangja and Show Theater, Seoktalhae.

* Lagung
Lagung means the palace of Shilla. It is a luxurious hanok-style hotel with a room area covering over 1,500m2 and over 15,000 m2 in hotel space. Sixteen houses are linked together over 100m, boasting unique architectural style. Over 100 architects (including Professor Jeon Bong-hee of Seoul National University, President Jang Sun-yong of Samsung Architecture, and Professor Song In-ho of University of Seoul) painstakingly built the hotel according based upon historical records. It involved more than 80 skilled craftsmen across the country, the second largest of its kind after the Gyeongbokgung Palace Restoration. An outdoor open bath is also placed in a courtyard of the hotel.

* Amenities
Nursing Office, Office for Missing Children, and Childcare Center, and coin-operated lockers (KRW 1,000-1,500 depending on the size of lockers)

Reservation Info. for Natives
Baby Stroller Rentals
Not available
From Gyeongju Bus Terminal, cross the street and get on bus 10 to the Hilton Hotel. Walk in the direction of Gyeongju Gyoyuk Munhwa Hoegwan(Gyeongju TEMF, 경주교육문화회관) for 5mins and Shilla Millennium Park is located right behind the TEMF

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