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Jeju-do » Seogwipo-si » Cheonjiyeon Falls (천지연 폭포)


Cheonjiyeon Falls (천지연 폭포)   
Cheonjiyeon Falls (천...
Cheonjiyeon Falls (천...
  • Cheonjiyeon Falls (천...
  • Cheonjiyeon Falls (천지연 폭포)
  • Cheonjiyeon Falls (천지연 폭포)
  • Cheonjiyeon Falls (천지연 폭포)
  • Cheonjiyeon Falls (천지연 폭포)
  • Cheonjiyeon Falls (천지연 폭포)
  • Cheonjiyeon Falls (천지연 폭포)
  • Cheonjiyeon Falls (천지연 폭포)
  • Cheonjiyeon Falls (천지연 폭포)
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666-7, Cheonji-dong, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do 666-7
제주 서귀포시 천지동 666-7
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• For more info: +82-64-760-6301
(Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese, French, Spanish, German, Russian)
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Cheonjiyeon, meaning "God’s pond," derives its name from the legend that the seven fairies serving the King of Heaven came down to the pond on stairs of cloud and bathed in its clean waters. Apart from the wild Dampalsu trees, designated as natural monument No. 163, the wooded area also contains a great variety of rare plants such as brambles, Songyeopnan as well as Gusiljappam trees, Sanyuja trees (Chinese lemon trees), and camellias which are all specified as natural monument No. 379. Take a walk along the subtropical path towards the Cheonjiyeon Falls for a kilometer and you will be able to hear the magnificent sound of waterfalls. The waterfall is 22m high, 12m wide and 20m in depth. The clear and deep water of Cheonjiyeon Falls is designated as natural monument No. 27 and is renowned as a habitat for Mutae eels (natural monument No. 258). Also, the annual Seven Fairies Festival is held every May.
30 min - 60 min
Operating Hours
Sunrise-22:00 (Entering is allowed until 21:10)
Parking Facilities
Available (Free of charge)
Admission Fees
Individual: Adults 2,000 won/ Youths and Children 1,000 won
Group (10 or more persons): Adults 1,600 won/ Youths and Children 600 won
Facilities for the Handicapped
Wheel chair free rental service, Disabled parking lot and toilet
Facility Utilization Fees
- Parking Fees: Free
Korean Info. Service
From Jeju Intercity Bus Terminal

Take the bus 516 heading to Seoguipo (run from 6am to 9:40pm/12 min interval)
Get off at the last stop and take a taxi to Cheonjiyeon waterfall (3-4 minute ride).

Or Get off at Dongmun rotary stop and go to another bus stop to transform to bus 1
(cross the ChungJeongro street and then Gyeongbangro street and walk along the Chungjeongro street for about 30m to bus stop)
Take bus 1 bound for Cheonjiyeon and get off at the last stop.

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