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Namhansanseong Provincial Park   
Namhansanseong Provi...
Namhansanseong Provi...
  • Namhansanseong Provi...
  • Namhansanseong Provincial Park
  • Namhansanseong Provincial Park
  • Namhansanseong Provincial Park
  • Namhansanseong Provincial Park
  • Namhansanseong Provincial Park
  • Namhansanseong Provincial Park
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Gyeonggi-do Gwangju-si Jungbu-myeon 158-1
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Namhansanseong Provincial Park is a very popular mountain-climbing and driving destination located just outside Seoul. The mountain is famous for being very beautiful all throughout the year. In the spring, the acacia trees grow thick, in the summer the green forest covers the entire mountain, and in the fall, many people visit to climb the mountain covered in red autumn leaves.

Namhansanseong Fortress (남한산성), located on Namhansan Mountain, was originally built as a earthen fortress during Gogureyo period, about 2,000 years ago, but after many renovations, Gwanghaegun of the Joseon Period built the fortress properly in 1621. If you climb to the highest peak Iljangsan, you can see Incheon’s Nakjo area, and not only Seoul, but the surrounding Gyeonggi-do area as well. In terms of fortress structure, because the surrounding mountain area is high and rough, and the fortress center level and low, it is an easy place to defend, and to reside comfortably, two prime conditions for a mountain fortress.
Mountain Not Access Period
February 15 - May 15, November 1 - December 15
Areas Open to the Public
Walking paths in the Namhansanseong Fortress area
Hiking Course
* Sanseongjongno(Rotary) - The North Gate - The West Gate - Sueojangdae - Yeongchunjeong - The South Gate - Sanseongjongno(Rotary) (5km, take 1hr 45mins)
* Sanseongjongno(Rotary) - Yeongwoljeong - Sungyeoljeon - Sueojangdae - The West Gate - Gukcheongsa Temple - Sanseongjongno(Rotary) (4km, take1hr 20mins)
* Administration Office - Hyeonjeolsa Temple - Beolbong peak - Janggyeongsa Temple - Mangwonsa Temple - Jisudang - Administration Office (5km, 1hr 35mins)
* Sanseongjongno(Rotary) - The South Gate - Namjangdaeteo - The East Gate - Gaewonsa Temple - Sanseongjongno(Rotary) (4.5km, 1hr 30mins)
* Administration Office - The East Gate - Dongjangdaeteo - The North Gate - The West Gate - Sueojangdae - Yeongchunjeong - The South Gate - The East Gate (8km, 3hrs 5mins)
Parking Facilities
12 sectors, capacity for 1,118 spaces
* Parking Fee 1,000 won
Admission Fees
Available Facilities
280 benches, 10 water supply systems
Local Transportation
  • * Subway
    Get off at Sanseong Station (Seoul Subway Line 8), Exit No. 2. Take City Bus No. 9, and get off at Namhansanseong bus stop. (Travel Time : 20 Min., Interval of Buses: 20 Min.)
    * Bus
    Take 13-2 bus at Dongseoul bus terminal Gangbeun station and transfer to 15-1 bus at the entrance of Namhansanseong, get off at the last stop
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