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Jeju-do » Jeju-si » Hallasan Seongpanak (한라산 성판악)


Hallasan Seongpanak (한라산 성판악)   
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1865, obaeksibyuk-ro, Jocheon-eup, Jeju-si, Jeju-do
제주특별자치도 제주시 조천읍 516로 1865
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• For more info: +82-64-725-9950 (Korean)
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Seongpanak is one of the parasitic volcanoes on Jeju-do island. Parasitic volcanoes are smaller volcanoes formed by lava bursting through the edge of the main volacano, and there are over 350 on Jeju-do Island. Seongpanak is 1,215m high and situated between Jocheon-eup, Bukjeju-gun and Namwon-eup, Namjeju-gun. The name came from the shape of the vertical cliff that spreads roughly 500 meters outward and resembles a fortress (seong) made of wooden boards (pan).

With its thick verdant forest, Seongpanak has a unique atmosphere all year around. The road here is clear and wide, but a bit uncomfortable to walk because of many rocks. The azaleas create a pink blanket in the spring, and blends well with the clear waterfall in the area.
+82-64-713-9950~3, +82-64-725-9950
Hiking Course
Seongpanak -> Top of the Dongleung (9.6km, 4 hours and 30 min distance)
Operating Hours
Nov~Feb 6:00~9:00 / till 13:30
Mar~Apr & Sep~Oct 5:30~9:00 / till 14:00
May~Aug 5:00~10:00 / till 14:30
Parking Facilities
Admission Fees
1. From Jeju Intercity Bus Terminal (+82-64-753-1153, Kor), take an Intercity Bus and get off at Seongpanak (first bus 6:00 / last bus 21:30 /10 min interval/ 30 min ride).
2. From 516 Road Bus Terminal (+82-64-762-4345, Kor), take an Intercity Bus and get off at Seongpanak (first bus 6:00 / last bus 21:30 /10-12 min interval / 30-40 min ride).

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