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Lotte World (롯데월드)   
Lotte World (롯데월드)
Lotte World (롯데월드)
  • Lotte World (롯데월드)
  • Lotte World (롯데월드)
  • Lotte World (롯데월드)
  • Lotte World (롯데월드)
  • Lotte World (롯데월드)
  • Lotte World (롯데월드)
  • Lotte World (롯데월드)
  • Lotte World (롯데월드)
  • Lotte World (롯데월드)
  • Lotte World (롯데월드)
  • Lotte World (롯데월드)
  • Lotte World (롯데월드)
  • Lotte World (롯데월드)
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240, Olympic-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul
서울특별시 송파구 올림픽로 240 (잠실동)
Amusement Parks
• 1330 tt call center: +82-2-1330
(Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
• For more info: +82-2-411-2000 (Korean)
(Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)

" Perfect Place for Thrilling Entertainment Fun and Rides

Located in the heart of the city, Lotte World is the perfect spot for entertainment and sightseeing. It is a theme park filled with thrilling rides, an ice rink, different kinds of parades as well as a folk museum, a lake, and much more. About 6,000,000 visitors are welcomed every year, and about 10% of the visitors are foreigners. The structure inside makes use of the natural sunlight, and it is open for visitors all year round, regardless of the weather.

Lotte World is divided into a '’Adventure’ theme once you are inside the building, and outside is a ‘Magic Island’ theme next to Seokchonhosu Lake. Lotte World Adventure has certain districts representing different countries with various kinds of facilities and souvenir shops. You can enjoy watching parades, numerous films, laser shows, and a variety of international cuisines even during the holidays. Magic Island is situated outdoors, where the dazzling Magic Castle is located as well as thrilling high-altitude rides that you can't experience elsewhere. Be sure to also check out the peaceful walking trail around the lake.

One of the major reasons tourists are attracted to Lotte World is the amusement rides. The Gyro Drop and Gyro Swing are the top pleasers– a steep drop with an altitude of 70 meters, or taste the thrilling sensation of being inside a tornado. You may need to take your shoes off before you get on since mostly likely they will come off during the ride. The Flume Ride is a long boat with a high-altitude wave, and the Spanish Pirate Ship swings at an electrifying 75 degrees. Besides the excitement of these rides, Lotte World also contains a variety of parades and laser shows. The 200 performers sing and dance to music in the World Carnival Parade, which adds excitement to the theme park.

After enjoying the rides, don't miss skating on the ice rink as well as visiting the museum. The ice rink is situated indoors on the B3 floor, and is opened throughout the year. Its pleasant atmosphere is perfect for family and couples to enjoy. The hours are from 10:30 am to 10:30 pm, and runs even during the holidays. Its facilities include a restaurant, a ticket booth, a snack bar, a sports shop, a skate rental service, and a changing room.

On the other hand, The Folk Museum is the most popular museum for foreign tourists. Folk cultural items are displayed and the items go back 5,000 years in Korean history as well as miniature villages, and a playground. The museum layout was arranged to attract the visitors' attention and the displays are easily understandable. In addition, audio-visual devices and miniature models will make it more enjoyable.
N/A (Open all year round)
Operating Hours
09:30-23:00 (Nighttime admission: 16:00-23:00)
* Closing time may vary each day. For the details, please refer to Homepage.
Parking Facilities
5,400 parking spaces
Parking Fees
General Parking
The first 30 minutes: 1,000 won
Each additional 10 minutes: 1,000 won

For admission ticket holders: 3 hour-free parking
For day-pass ticket holders: 1 day-free parking
* Inquiries: +82-2-411-5574
Admission Fees
Admission Ticket
Adults: 25,000 won / Youths: 22,000 won / Children: 19,000 won

Nighttime Admission Ticket 
Admission after 16:00:
Adults: 21,000 won / Youths: 18,000 won / Children: 15,000 won

Admission after 19:00:
Adults: 14,500 won / Youths: 12,500 won / Children: 10,500 won

* Day-Pass Ticket (admission fees included)
Adults: 40,000 won / Youths: 35,000 won / Children: 31,000 won

* Nighttime Day-Pass Ticket (admission after 16:00)
Adults: 31,000 won / Youths: 27,000 won / Children: 23,000 won

* Children: ages 4-12 / Youths: ages 13-18
Baby Stroller Rentals
Available (09:30-22:00, rental fee: 3,000 won)
Not permitted
Jamsil Station (Seoul Subway Line 2 & 8), Exit 4.
Lotte World is directly connected to the station.

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