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Gangwon-do » Gangneung-si » Gangneung Culture & Art Center (강릉문화예술관)


Gangneung Culture & Art Center (강릉문화예술관)    
Gangneung Culture & ...
Gangneung Culture & ...
  • Gangneung Culture & ...
  • Gangneung Culture & Art Center (강릉문화예술관)
  • Gangneung Culture & Art Center (강릉문화예술관)
  • Gangneung Culture & Art Center (강릉문화예술관)
  • Gangneung Culture & Art Center (강릉문화예술관)
  • Gangneung Culture & Art Center (강릉문화예술관)
  • Gangneung Culture & Art Center (강릉문화예술관)
  • Gangneung Culture & Art Center (강릉문화예술관)
  • Gangneung Culture & Art Center (강릉문화예술관)
  • Gangneung Culture & Art Center (강릉문화예술관)
  • Gangneung Culture & Art Center (강릉문화예술관)
  • Gangneung Culture & Art Center (강릉문화예술관)
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84, Jonghabundongjang-gil, Gangneung-si, Gangwon-do
강원도 강릉시 종합운동장길 84 (교동)
• 1330 Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330 (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
• For more info: +82-33-647-2004 ~ 6 (Korean only)
N/A (Open all year around)
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Gangneung Culture & Art Center is a cultural facility located in Gangneung-si, Gangwon-do Province. The center opened on Jan 30th, 1992 through the local municipal office in order to provide cultural events for local residents and to advance local culture & art. The facility has a grand theater, small theater, exhibition hall, and outdoor show room. Every year, a variety of programs such as theater, music, dance and other cultural performances are held along with diverse exhibitions and educational and training programs.

Founding Organization
Managing Organization
Structure Size
Facility area: 17,846㎡ / total floor area: 8,986㎡
2F Grand hall: 766.12㎡
1F Small hall : 311.04㎡
1F Grand exhibition hall: 442.8㎡, 1F Small exhibition hall: 210.48㎡
Maximum Occupancy
Grand hall: 432 seats (6 seats for the disabled)
Small hall: 200 seats
Industry Information
Performance, exhibition, meeting
Exhibition Hall Information
Grand hall, small hall, grand exhibition hall, small exhibition hall, outdoor hall, etc.

* For Culture facilities Hiring:
   Pleases book 20 days in advance and submit the form
   for venue hiring by visiting in person or fax.(+82-33-640-4772)
* Please call +82-33-647-2004 (Gangneung Culture & Art Center Office)
   for more information.
Admission / Participation Fees
Varies performance to performance
Credit Cards Accepted
Parking Facilities
Available (Small-sized car 300 cars, full-sized car 100 cars)
Parking Fee
From Dong Seoul Bus Terminal or Seoul Express Bus Terminal, take an express bus heading to Gangneung Express Bus Terminal.


From the terminal, turn right until you reach at Gyodong gas station.
- Across from the gas station, take bus 202 bound for Gangneung, Gyeongpo at Gyodong Gas Station Bus Stop (교동주유소).
- Get off at the Worker's Welfare Center of Gangneung (강릉시근로자종합복지관) Bus Stop.
- From the bus stop, look for a sign for Sports Complex.
- Follow the signs to the Sports Complex area, which is next to the center.


Deprting from Gangneung, take a bus 313 bound for Sacheonjin-ri (사천진리)
- Get off at Gangneung Sports Complex (runs 9 times per day)
   06:05, 07:05, 08:10, 10:10, 12:10, 14:10, 16:10, 18:10, 20:10
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