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Jeollabuk-do » Iksan-si » Geumma Reservoir (금마저수지)


Geumma Reservoir (금마저수지)   
Geumma Reservoir (금마...
Geumma Reservoir (금마...
  • Geumma Reservoir (금마...
  • Geumma Reservoir (금마저수지)
  • Geumma Reservoir (금마저수지)
  • Geumma Reservoir (금마저수지)
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Donggodo-ri, Geumma-myeon, Iksan-si, Jeollabuk-do
전북 익산시 금마면 동고도리
Rivers & Lakes
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Looking towards the south from the top of Mireuksan Mountain, one can see Geumma Reservoir. The reservoir is shaped like the Korean peninsula. Hence it is also referred to as Jido Yeonmot, or Map Pond. The terrain is especially beautiful when viewing it through the fog in the early mornings.

The water comes from Mireuksan Mountain, ensuring a steady supply of water throughout the year. There are no factories or other contaminants nearby so the water quality is of the highest grade. Near the reservoir, one can find Seodong Park and Mahan Hall. Seodong Park is a sculpture park displaying various sculptures such as a bronze statue of Baekje’s King Muwang of Baekje and a statue of Seodong’s Princess Seonhwa. Mahan Hall showcases the lifestyle and culture of Mahan, a tribal confederation during the Samhan period. The park also features various facilities such as an observatory, fishing spot and a promenade.
From Yongsan Station take KTX train bound for Iksan Station (travel time: approx. 2 hrs)
If travelling by either Saemaeul-ho (새마을호) or Mugunghwa-ho (무궁화호), the trip will take about 3 hrs. 
From Iksan Station, take Bus 41, 60, 61, 62, 63 or 64 to Geumma Terminal (금마터미널).
From Geumma Terminal, take a taxi to Geumma Reservoir (금마저수지, 5min).

Interncity bus heading to Iksan Terminal leaves from Dong Seoul Bus Terminal and Nambu (Gangnam) Terminal.
Express bus leaves to Iksan Termninal at the Central Bus Terminal.
Take either one above at your convenience. (travel time: approx. 3 hrs)
If leaving from Jeonju Intercity Bus Terminal, take a bus to Geumma Terminal.
After getting off at Iksan Intercity/Express Bus Termninal, take local bus no. 222, 222-1, 222-2. 222-3. 61, or 62 that are bound for the reservoir. 

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