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Ulsan Museum (울산박물관)    
Ulsan Museum (울산박물관)
Ulsan Museum (울산박물관)
  • Ulsan Museum (울산박물관)
  • Ulsan Museum (울산박물관)
  • Ulsan Museum (울산박물관)
  • Ulsan Museum (울산박물관)
  • Ulsan Museum (울산박물관)
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277, Duwang-ro, Nam-gu, Ulsan
울산광역시 남구 두왕로 277 (신정동)
• 1330 Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330
(Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
• For more info: +82-52-222-8501~3
New Year's Day, Every Monday
(If Monday is public holiday, it is closed the day after the holiday)
Length of Tour
about 4 hours
Ulsan Museum is an archive of the history, present, and future of Ulsan City. The museum facilities include a history hall giving a general outline of the city from the prehistoric to the modern times, an industry hall showing Ulsan as the industrial capital of Korea, and a children’s experience hall for educational purposes. This eco-friendly museum equipped with advanced exhibition and education facilities is a model cultural space to help establish the visitors understand Ulsan’s identity.
Kim Worim
Founding Organization
Ulsan City
Managing Organization
Ulsan Museum
Structure Size
Plottage : 33,058㎡
Total floor area : 4,367.70㎡ (B1~2F)
Exhibit hall area : 3,200㎡
Maximum Occupancy
4,500 persons
Collections Status
designated cultural artifacts, excavated relics, general artifacts, documents of traditional industries and enterprises
Program Information

* Ulsan museum academy for adults - 1st(April~June), 2nd(October~December) / Free
* Traditional culture experience class for adults - February, August / Fee : 30,000won
* History culture class for adults - March, September / Free
* Museum play class for children - February, May, August, November / Free
* Museum school for children - January, April, July, October / Free

Age Limit for Activities
aged 5 & over
Exhibition Hall Information

* 1F Haeuli hall(해울이관)
- Theme : "Ulsan's history and industry"

* 2F History hall
- Theme : "Ulsan's history and culture"

* 2F Industry hall (1)
- Theme : "Ulsan's industrial beginning"

* 2F Industry hall (2)
- Theme : "Ulsan's industrial development and the people of Ulsan"

Admission / Participation Fees
permanent exhibition : Free (Separate charges may apply for special exhibitions)
Parking Facilities
Parking Fee
Available (through Hompage)
Reservation for Foreigners
Local Transportation
Ulsan city bus : 205, 225, 405, 415, 453, 504, 507, 527, 715, 744
Express Ulsan city bus : 1705, 1703, 1713, 1104, 1401
KTX Ulsan station limousine : 5004 (first bus : 05:30, last bus: 23:40, Intervals: 30 min)
Local Tourism Information Bureau
Ulsan Tourism Information Center : +82-52-1330
Homepage (Only Korean)

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