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Chungcheongbuk-do » Danyang-gun » Danyang Ondal Cave (단양 온달동굴)


Danyang Ondal Cave (단양 온달동굴)   
Danyang Ondal Cave (...
Danyang Ondal Cave (...
  • Danyang Ondal Cave (...
  • Danyang Ondal Cave (단양 온달동굴)
  • Danyang Ondal Cave (단양 온달동굴)
  • Danyang Ondal Cave (단양 온달동굴)
  • Danyang Ondal Cave (단양 온달동굴)
  • Danyang Ondal Cave (단양 온달동굴)
  • Danyang Ondal Cave (단양 온달동굴)
  • Danyang Ondal Cave (단양 온달동굴)
  • Danyang Ondal Cave (단양 온달동굴)
  • Danyang Ondal Cave (단양 온달동굴)
  • Danyang Ondal Cave (단양 온달동굴)
  • Danyang Ondal Cave (단양 온달동굴)
  • Danyang Ondal Cave (단양 온달동굴)
  • Danyang Ondal Cave (단양 온달동굴)
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23, Ondal-ro, Yeongchun-myeon, Danyang-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do
충청북도 단양군 영춘면 온달로 23 (영춘면)
• 1330 Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330
(Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
• For more info: +82-43-423-8820
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Ondal Cave is located underground at the foot of Seongsan Mountain, where Ondalsanseong Fortress is situated. It is a natural limestone cave that is estimated to have begun forming around 450 million years ago. The total 760 meter-long cave covers an area of 349,485 square meters. The cave mouth is two meters high, while the cave itself is 5 to 10 meters high and about 5 meters wide. The cave features stairway structure and contains an abundance of beautiful stalagmites and stalactites. The average temperature of the cave maintains 14 degrees Celsius in summer and 16 degrees Celsius in winter, making it a perfect all-year-round attraction. The cave is rich in underground water resources and there is a 0.8 to 1 meter-deep cave river flowing at the bottom of the cave floor. The cave also has over 40 small ponds that are inhabited by a variety of living organisms like fish and insects.

Situated on top of the mountain peak to the left of the cave is Ondalsanseong Fortress. The fortress has been preserved in its original form throughout some 1,400 years and shows the advanced building skills of Goguryeo Era (37 BC-668 AD). The annual Ondal Culture Festival is held every October around Ondal Cave and Ondalsanseong Fortress in memory of the legendary love story between General Ondal and Princess Pyeonggang. Other attractions in the area include a theme park and Jangseung (Korean traditional totem poles) Park.
Current Status
Natural Monument No. 261 (designated on June 18, 1979)
N/A (Open all year round)
Tour Course Information
● Course 1: Danyang (단양) → Dodamsambong Peaks (도담삼봉)/ Seongmun Gate (석문) (Music Fountain, Cruise Ship) → Lunch → Gosu/Cheondong/Nodong Caves (고수/천동/노동동굴) → Downtown Tour

● Course 2: Danyang (단양) → Sainam Rock (사인암) → Banggok Ceramic Village (방곡도예원) → Lunch → Danyang Sulfur Spa (단양 유황온천욕) → Seonam Valley (선암계곡) → Gudambong Peak/Oksunbong Peak (구담봉/옥순봉), Cruise Ship

● Course 3: Danyang (단양) → Hyangsan Stone Pagoda (향산석탑) → Ondal Tourist Park (온달관광지) → Lunch → Guinsa Temple (구인사) → Downtown Tour
Operating Hours
Summer Season: 09:00-18:00 / Winter Season: 09:00-17:30
※ Last admission is one hour before closing.
Parking Facilities
250 parking spaces
Admission Fees
Admission to Ondal Tourist Park

Adults: 5,000 won
Middle/High School Students: 3,500 won
Elementary School Students: 2,500 won
Seniors (Age 65 and over): 1,500 won

Group (30+ people)
Adults: 4,000 won
Middle/High School Students: 2,500 won
Elementary School Students: 1,500 won
Seniors (Age 65 and over): 1,000 won

* Admission to Open Film Set, Ondal Cave, Ondalgwan museum and theme park included.
Available Facilities
Ondal Tourist Park (Open Film Set, Ondal Cave, Ondalgwan museum and theme park, etc.)
Parking Fees
Not permitted
From Dong Seoul Bus Terminal, take an intercity bus bound for Guinsa Temple (구인사).
* Bus Schedule: 06:59-18:00, runs 12 times a day
Get off at Yeongchun (영춘), and take a local bus or a taxi to Ondal Resort. (5-10min)


From Danyang Intercity Bus Terminal, take a local bus to Ondal Resort (온달관광지).
* Bus Schedule: 06:00-18:30, runs 9 times a day

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