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Gangwon-do » Chuncheon-si » Obongsan Mountain (Chuncheon) (오봉산 - 춘천)


Obongsan Mountain (Chuncheon) (오봉산 - 춘천)   
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Cheongpyeong-ri, Buksan-myeon, Chuncheon-si, Gangwon-do Gancheok-ri, Gandong-myeon, Hwacheon-gun
강원 춘천시 북산면 청평리 , 화천군 간동면 간척리
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Tipped with strangely-shaped rocks and groves of old pine trees, Obongsan Mountain (779 meters) is brimming with natural beauty. Once called Gyeongunsan Mountain, it received its current name because of its five unique peaks (“obong” means five peaks). Visitors can enjoy hiking the rock ridges or cruising on the ferry around Soyangho Lake. At the base of the mountain on its southern side lies Cheongpyeongsa Temple, which was built in 973 the 24th year of the reign of King Gwangjong of Goryeo.
Mountain Not Access Period
Seasonal Forest Fire Watch Period
Spring: Feb 01 - May 15
Fall: Nov 01 - Dec 15

※ TBD by park directors based on fire weather advisories, precipitation levels, and other local conditions. Visit the homepage before visiting.
Areas Open to the Public
* Baehuryeong hill - Obongsan Mountain peak - Cheongpyeongsa temple - the ferry (6.1km)
* Baehuryeong hill - Nahanbong peak - Haetalmun gate entrance (1.3km)
* Parking lot - Cheongpyeongsa temple (.8km)
* Gumeongbawi rock- Cheongpyeongsa temple ticket office (1.4km)
Restricted Mountain Areas
* Gumeongbawi rock - Haetalmun gate (1.7km)
* Route 5 - Seondeunggyo bridge (0.5km)
* Baechi hill - Route 1 (1.2km)
Hiking Course
* Course 1 : The ferry of Cheongpyeongsa temple - Cheongpyeongsa temple - 688 bong peaks - Obongsan Mountain- the fire watch shed - Gyeongunsan Mountain - 785 bong peaks - Kkeutbong peak- Cheongpyeongsa temple - the ferry of Cheongpyeongsa temple (9.6km, 4hr 55min)

* Course 2: Baehuryeong hill - Obongsan Mountain - 688 bong peaks - Cheongpyeongsa temple - the ferry of Cheongpyeongsa temple (5.5km, 2hr 50min)
From Dong Seoul Terminal (Gangbyeon Station, Seoul Subway Line 2), take an express bus bound for Chuncheon(춘천).
* Bus schedule: 06:00-24:00, 15-30min intervals
From Chuncheon Bus Terminal, take Bus 18-1 bound for Cheongpyeongsa Temple Last Stop (청평사종점).
* Bus schedule: 07:30-19:00, 2-3hr intervls

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