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Gwangju » Nam-gu » Sajik Park (Gwangju) (사직공원 - 광주)


Sajik Park (Gwangju) (사직공원 - 광주)   
Sajik Park (Gwangju)...
Sajik Park (Gwangju)...
  • Sajik Park (Gwangju)...
  • Sajik Park (Gwangju) (사직공원 - 광주)
  • Sajik Park (Gwangju) (사직공원 - 광주)
  • Sajik Park (Gwangju) (사직공원 - 광주)
  • Sajik Park (Gwangju) (사직공원 - 광주)
  • Sajik Park (Gwangju) (사직공원 - 광주)
  • Sajik Park (Gwangju) (사직공원 - 광주)
  • Sajik Park (Gwangju) (사직공원 - 광주)
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49, Sajik-gil, Nam-gu, Gwangju
광주광역시 남구 사직길 49 (사동)
• 1330 Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330
(Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
• For more info: +82-62-652-3236
(Korean only)
(Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese)
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Saji Park is well landscaped with various trees and flower beds. Around April 15th every year, cherry blossoms are in full bloom creating a splendid scene. During this time, the municipality of Gwangju installs lighting in the trees for citizens to enjoy the blossoms late into the night. The park has become established as a favorite rest area for Gwangju citizens.

The park houses several attractions including a memorial for national heroes, the Gwangju Broadcast Station (KBS), the Memorial Tower for Policemen, Yeonpajeong Pavilion, the Gwandeokjeong shooting range, and the Palgakjeong Pavilion overlooking downtown Gwangju. The various trees, shrubs, and flowers offer an inviting atmosphere for an outing.
Operating Hours
Park: 24 hrs / Observatory: 09:00-22:00
Admission Fees
Available Facilities
Sajikdan Altar, Monument to Departed Spirits of Police, Gwandeokjeong Pavilion, Yeonpajeong Pavilion, Palgakjeong Pavilion, water stand, fountain, concession stand, etc.
Facilities for the Handicapped
Separate restrooms
Permitted (pets must be on a leash)
From Seoul Central City Bus Terminal, take an express bus to Gwangju(광주).
* Bus Schedule: 05:30-01:00 (next day), 5-10min intervals
From Gwangju Bus Terminal (U-Square), take Bus Suwan12(수완12) bound for Hyangyo entrance(향교입구).
* Bus schedule: 06:00-22:25, 25min intervals
Go straight along the Jungang-ro(중앙로) for about 110m in direction of KBC.
Turn left onto the alleyway, and walk for about 600m.

Blue bus: Geumnam 55, Songam 74, Suwan 12
Green bus: Jiwon 55
Direct bus: Jinwol 07, Suwan 06
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