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Gwangju » Buk-gu » Gwangju Family Land (광주 패밀리랜드)


Gwangju Family Land (광주 패밀리랜드)   
Gwangju Family Land ...
Gwangju Family Land ...
  • Gwangju Family Land ...
  • Gwangju Family Land (광주 패밀리랜드)
  • Gwangju Family Land (광주 패밀리랜드)
  • Gwangju Family Land (광주 패밀리랜드)
  • Gwangju Family Land (광주 패밀리랜드)
  • Gwangju Family Land (광주 패밀리랜드)
  • Gwangju Family Land (광주 패밀리랜드)
  • Gwangju Family Land (광주 패밀리랜드)
  • Gwangju Family Land (광주 패밀리랜드)
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677, Uchi-ro, Buk-gu, Gwangju
광주 북구 우치로 677
Amusement Parks
• 1330 Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330
(Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
• For more info: +82-62-607-8000
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Gwangju Family Land is an amusement park equipped with dozens of exciting rides as well as recreational facilities such as a swimming pool, an ice rink, and a sledge park. Spanning 290 acres of land, it is the largest urban amusement park in all of Jeollabuk-do and Jeollanam-do Provinces. The amusement park also offers entertainment courses designed for couples, families and children.
Opening date
July 6, 1991
N/A (Open all year round)
Operating Hours
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Maximum Occupancy
* Theme Park: 30,000 people
* Swimming Pool: 3,000 people
Parking Facilities
1,500 parking spaces
Admission Fees
Admission Ticket
Individual: Adults 6,000 won / Teenagers 5,000 won / Children 4,000 won
Group: Adults 4,800 won / Teenagers 4,000 won / Children 3,200 won
※ Group: 20 people or more
※ Children: Ages 4 to 13

One-Day Pass
Individual: Adults 25,000 won / Teenagers 23,000 won / Children 19,000 won
Group: Adults 20,000 won / Teenagers 18,000 won / Children 15,000 won
※ Admission + Family Train + Rides + Marine Exhibitions & Aquarium

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Available Facilities

* Entertainment Facilities & Rides
1) Course for couple
Roller Coaster, Chaos, Viking, Flying Sleigh, Star Wars, Taga Disco, etc.

2) Course for family
Family Railroad Train, Frog Jump, Time Machine, Sky Cycle, Kids' Airplane, Super Screen, etc.

3) Sports facilities
Swimming pool(kids' pool, slides, etc.), In line skating rink, Family Sports Park, Ice skating rink, Jungang Plaza

4) Theaters - Rainbow Theater, Singsing Boat Stage

5) Lounge, Lost and Found, restaurants, souvenir shop, etc.

Facilities for the Handicapped
Wheelchair rental
Parking Fees
Small cars: 1,000 won
Large cars: 2,000 won
Baby Stroller Rentals
Available (3,000 won)
From Seoul Central City Bus Terminal, take an intercity bus to Gwangju(광주).
* Bus schedule: 05:30-24:30, 5-15min intervals
From Gwangju Bus Station (U-Square), take Bus Pungam26 (풍암 26) to Uchi Park (우치공원).
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