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Gangwon-do » Yangyang-gun » Osaek Mineral Spring (오색약수터)


Osaek Mineral Spring (오색약수터)   
Osaek Mineral Spring...
Osaek Mineral Spring...
  • Osaek Mineral Spring...
  • Osaek Mineral Spring (오색약수터)
  • Osaek Mineral Spring (오색약수터)
  • Osaek Mineral Spring (오색약수터)
  • Osaek Mineral Spring (오색약수터)
Osaek-ri, Seo-myeon, Yangyang-gun, Gangwon-do
강원 양양군 서면 오색리
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• For more info: +82-33-672-2883 (Korean only)
(Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese)
(Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese)
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Osaek Mineral Spring is situated 20 kilometers west of Yangyang and 7.5 kilometers southeast from Hangyeryeong. The water, which springs from three base rocks by a brook, is carbonated and rich in iron. Up to 1,500 liters of iron-rich water spring out on a daily basis. Osaek became well known due to the splendid landscape leading up to the mineral spring and its location on the way to the summit of Seoraksan Mountain.
Hiking Course
* Biryong Falls Course (50min / 2.4 km)
* Geumganggul Cave Course (1hr 40min / 3.6 km)
* Ulsanbawi Rock Course (2hr 20min / 3.8 km)
* Yongso Falls Course (1hr 10min / 3.2 km)
* Baekdamsa Temple Course (1hr 20min / 6 km)
* Daeseung Falls Course (50min / 9 km)
* Yangpok Course (3hr 50min / 6 km)
* Suryeom-dong Course (3hr 10min / 10.7 km)
* Namgyo-ri Course (7hr 30min / 11.3 km)
* Daecheongbong Peak Course (Seorak) (11hr 20min / 16 km)
* Gongnyong Ridge Course (16hr 30min / 22.1 km) - 2 days 1 night course
* Heullimgol Valley Course (2hr 30min / 3.3 km)
* Daecheongbong Peak Course (Baekdam) (16hr / 31 km) - 2 days 1 night course
* Gwongeumseong Fortress Course (30min / 1.5 km) 

>> Click here for details
Mountain Not Access Period
Spring season (February 1 – May 15)
Fall season (November 15 – December 15)
* Mountain not access period is subject to change, therefore we advice you to check the details on the official website.
Areas Open to the Public
Seorak-dong ~ Ulsanbawi Rock
Osaek Mineral Spring ~ Yongso Falls
Sogongwon Park ~ Biryong Falls
Yeosim Falls ~ Yongso Falls
Restricted Mountain Areas

Madeungryeong Valley (마등령) ~ Hangyeryeong Valley (한계령)
Hwangjang Falls (황장폭포) ~ Jangsudae Terrace (장수대)
Sogongwon Park (소공원) ~ Huiungak Shelter (희운각대피소)
(3㎞ section of Sogongwon Park ∼ Biseondae Terrace is open)
Biseondae Terrace (비선대) ~ Yeongsiam Hermitage (영시암)
Baekdamsa Temple (백담사) ~ Daecheongbong Peak (대청봉)
Namgyo-ri (남교리) ~ Daeseungryeong Valley (대승령) ~ Hangyeryeong Forked Road
Osaek (오색) ~ Daecheongbong Peak (대청봉)
Sogongwon Park (소공원) ~ Gwongeumseong Fortress (권금성)
Oseam Hermitage (오세암) ~ Bongjeongam Hermitage (봉정암)
Jujeongol Village (주전골) ~ Osaek Heundeul Bawi Rock (오색흔들바위)
Osaek Mineral Spring (오색약수터) ~ Manggyeongdae Terrace (망경대)
Gombaegol Village (곰배골) ~ Gombaeryeong Valley (곰배령) ~ Gangseon-ri (강선리)
Danmongnyeong Valley (단목령) ~ Jeombongsan Mountain (점봉산) ~ Gombaeryeong Valley (곰배령)

Parking Facilities
Available (Inquiries: +82-33-672-3559)
Available Facilities
Foot spa
From Dong Seoul Bus Terminal, take an intercity bus to Osaek.
From Yangyang Bus Terminal, take a local bus bound for Osaek Mineral Spring.
* Bus schedule: 06:45-20:15, runs 6 times a day
Restaurants : no data found

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