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Gwangju » Nam-gu » House of Lee Jang-woo (이장우 가옥)


House of Lee Jang-woo (이장우 가옥)   
House of Lee Jang-wo...
House of Lee Jang-wo...
  • House of Lee Jang-wo...
  • House of Lee Jang-woo (이장우 가옥)
  • House of Lee Jang-woo (이장우 가옥)
  • House of Lee Jang-woo (이장우 가옥)
  • House of Lee Jang-woo (이장우 가옥)
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21, Yangchon-gil, Nam-gu, Gwangju (Yangnim-dong)
광주광역시 남구 양촌길 21 (양림동)
Hanoks (Traditional Houses)
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Designated the ‘No. 1 Gwangju Metropolitan City Folk Material’ on March 20, 1989, the House of Lee Jang-woo is an upper-class, tile-roofed house with a gate, storeroom, servants’ quarters, detached building, and main building. Estimated to have been constructed in 1899, the house was originally owned by Jeong Byeong-ho, but has been primarily known as the House of Lee Jang-woo, the house’s current owner, since 1965.

The L-shaped main hall of the historic building is rather large and consists of (left to right) a wooden verandah, a small room, a hall, the main room, a kitchen, and another small room. Doors that lead to ondol rooms (those heated by traditional Korean floor heating) are double doors with a sliding door on the inside and a hinged door on the outside. The hall has partitions that can be hung up as necessary. Overall, the house is a sturdy example of Korean architecture and remains well-preserved in its original state.
Current Status
Folklore Material of Gwangju-si No.1 (designated on March 20, 1989)
Parking Facilities
Parking available at Sajik Park or Cheonbyeon parking lot
Culture Complex Station (Gwangju Subway Line 1), Exit 3.
Go straight 500m towards Seonam University Hospital.
Cross the bridge, turn left, and go straight 250m towards Sajik Park.
After passing Yangnim Police Station, you will see a sign for the house on the right.

From Gwangju U-Square Bus Terminal, take the bus marked Cheomdan 09 (첨단 09).
Get off at the Chonnam National University Hospital (전남대병원) Bus Stop.
Walk approx. 900m towards Sajik Park.
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