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Gyeongsangnam-do » Changwon-si » Anmingogae Hill (안민고개)


Anmingogae Hill (안민고개)   
Anmingogae Hill (안민고...
Anmingogae Hill (안민고...
  • Anmingogae Hill (안민고...
  • Anmingogae Hill (안민고개)
  • Anmingogae Hill (안민고개)
  • Anmingogae Hill (안민고개)
  • Anmingogae Hill (안민고개)
  • Anmingogae Hill (안민고개)
  • Anmingogae Hill (안민고개)
  • Anmingogae Hill (안민고개)
  • Anmingogae Hill (안민고개)
  • Anmingogae Hill (안민고개)
  • Anmingogae Hill (안민고개)
  • Anmingogae Hill (안민고개)
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Anmingogae-gil, Seongsan-gu, Changwon-si, Gyeongsangnam-do
경상남도 창원시 성산구 안민고개길 (안민동,태백동)
Ecological Tourist Sites
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Anmin Hill is a 9-kilometer-long hill that reaches from Taebaek-dong in Jinhae-gu to Anmin-dong in Changwon-si. Six of the nine kilometers are lined with cherry blossoms, making up the famous Jinhae Cherry Blossom Tunnel. The hill is also known for its view of Jinhaeman Bay, Ungsan Mountain (alt. 703m), Sirubong Peak (alt. 630m), Cheonjabong Peak (502m), and Jinhaeman Sea. The hill is dotted with benches placed about 100m apart, offering visitors a comfortable way to catch the view and enjoy the cherry trees.

Also of note is the Anmin Saengtaegyo Bridge (Anmin Ecology Bridge), which was built as a passageway for wild animals to travel between Jangboksan and Ungsan mountains after the mountains were cut off by the Anmin Tourism Road running from Jinhae and Changwon. The hiking trail to Jangboksan Mountain past the Anmin Saengtaegyo Bridge is closed in the spring as part of fire prevention measures.
From Jinhae Bus Terminal/Jinhae Station, take Bus 551 or a taxi to Anmingogae (안민고개).


From Masan Intercity Bus Terminal or Masan Station, take Bus 162 or 760.
-Get off at Jinhae Suhyeop Bus Stop (진해수협).

* Bus Line
Jinhae↔ Changwon: 150, 751, 752
Jinhae ↔Masan: 160, 162, 760
Jinhae Green Bus: 301, 302, 303, 305, 306, 309, 315

From Seoul, Daejeon Dongdaegu Station, take a train heading to Changwon or Masan
From Masan Station, take a train heading to Jinhae.

* Inquiries:
Seoul Station: +82-3149-2510
Dajeon Station: +82-42-259-2455
daegu Station: +82-53-940-2316
Changwon Station: +82-55-292-7788
Masan Station: +82-55-293-7788
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