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Jeollabuk-do » Sunchang-gun » Gangcheonsa Temple (Sunchang) (강천사 (순창))


Gangcheonsa Temple (Sunchang) (강천사 (순창))   
Gangcheonsa Temple (...
Gangcheonsa Temple (...
  • Gangcheonsa Temple (...
  • Gangcheonsa Temple (Sunchang) (강천사 (순창))
  • Gangcheonsa Temple (Sunchang) (강천사 (순창))
  • Gangcheonsa Temple (Sunchang) (강천사 (순창))
  • Gangcheonsa Temple (Sunchang) (강천사 (순창))
  • Gangcheonsa Temple (Sunchang) (강천사 (순창))
  • Gangcheonsa Temple (Sunchang) (강천사 (순창))
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270, Gangcheonsan-gil, Paldeok-myeon, Sunchang-gun, Jeollabuk-do
전라북도 순창군 팔덕면 강천산길 270
• 1330 Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330
(Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
• For more info: +82-63-652-5420
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Located approximately 1.8 kilometers from the entrance of Gangcheonsan County Park, Gangcheonsa Temple was built by Monk Doseon in the first year of Queen Jinseong of Silla (887 AD). In the third year of King Chungsuk of Goryeo (1316 AD), the temple saw the addition of a five-story stone pagoda, built by Monk Deokhyeon. At its peak, the temple was said to have had 12 hermitages and housed 1,000 monks. It was burned down during the Imjin War (1592-1598 AD), leaving only the pagoda, but was rebuilt a few years later by Monk Soyo during the 37th year of King Seonjo (1604 AD). Unfortunately, the temple was burned down again in the Korean War, but was once again restored to its original state in 1959.

Cultural assets found at the temple include Chungsinri & Namgyeri Seokjangseung (stone totem pole), the Sunchanggaeksa building, and the Sunhwari three-story pagoda. Nearby tourist attractions include Geumseongsanseong Fortress, Yongso Waterfall, Gangcheonho Lake, Damyangho Lake, Chuwolsan Mountain, Huimunsan Mountain, and Naejangsan National Park.
Open all year round
Operating Hours
From sunrise to sunset
Parking Facilities
Parking lot in Gangcheonsan County Park
Admission Fees
* Gangcheonsan County Park
Individual: Adults 3,000 won / Students 1,000 won
Group (30 people or more): Adults 2,500 won / Students 1,500 won
※ Free admission (with ID requested): Sunchang resident, seniors of 65 and more, children under 8, diplomats on official task. / National holidays: Children’s Day (children under 8), Buddha’s Birthday.
※ Terms are subject to change.
Parking Fees
1) From Gwangju U-Square Bus Terminal, take an intercity bus to Gangcheonsa Temple.
* Bus schedule: 08:10, 08:50, 09:50, 10:30, 11:25, 13:30, 14:10, 14:50, 15:30, 16:10

2) From Sunchang Bus Terminal, take a local or direct bus bound for Gangcheonsan.
* Bus Info: local bus runs 13 times a day/ direct bus runs 10 times a day

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