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Jeollabuk-do » Imsil-gun » Gudam Village


Gudam Village   
Gudam Village
Gudam Village
  • Gudam Village
  • Gudam Village
  • Gudam Village
  • Gudam Village
  • Gudam Village
  • Gudam Village
  • Gudam Village
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Jeollabuk-do Imsil-gun Deokchi-myeon Gudam-ri
전라북도 임실군 덕치면 천담1길 49 (덕치면)
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Gudam Village was originally named Andamul, but later became known as Gudam given the large population of turtles in the Seomjingang River out front (‘gu’ being the Chinese character for ‘turtle’). Others argue that the name comes from the nine large bogs in the river since ‘gu’ also means ‘nine’ and ‘dam’ means ‘bog.’

Previously underappreciated by tourists, the village has recently become more well-known as news of its unearthly beauty has spread by word-of-mouth. The stately waters of Seomjingang River flow in front of the village and the apricot trees on the low hills and riverbanks turn the skyline into airy blossoms of pinks each spring. Considering the natural splendor of the flora and the view from the pavilion of the surrounding mountains and river, it’s no wonder the village has become a favorite among tourists, artists, and photographers. The village has also served as a filming location for many Korean dramas and movies, including the movie 'Spring in My Hometown.’
Film Locations
Filming location for movie 'Spring in my hometown' and 'Chunhyangjeon'
Parking Facilities
From Jeonju Intercity Bus Terminal, take an intercity bus bound for Sunchang.
Get off at (Imsil) Gangjin Terminal.
Bus Schedule: 06:55-20:40, 30min-1hr intervals

From (Imsil) Gangjin Terminal, take a bus bound for Gudam Village.
Bus Schedule: runs once a day / 14:20

Or, from (Imsil) Gangjin Terminal, take a bus bound for Donggye (동계) and get off at Cheondam-ri. Gudam Village is about 3-4km away from Cheondam-ri.

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