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Monkey School (원숭이학교)   
Monkey School (원숭이학교...
Monkey School (원숭이학교...
  • Monkey School (원숭이학교...
  • Monkey School (원숭이학교)
  • Monkey School (원숭이학교)
  • Monkey School (원숭이학교)
  • Monkey School (원숭이학교)
  • Monkey School (원숭이학교)
  • Monkey School (원숭이학교)
  • Monkey School (원숭이학교)
  • Monkey School (원숭이학교)
  • Monkey School (원숭이학교)
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1783, Buan-ro, Sangseo-myeon, Buan-gun, Jeollabuk-do
전라북도 부안군 상서면 부안로 1783
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Located in Byeonsan Peninsula National Park in Buan-gun, Jeollabuk-do, Monkey School is a theme park where visitors can learn about monkeys and nature. Thirty-one monkeys (all with different names and personalities) show off their tricks by standing on their hands or riding bikes on a set decorated like a classroom. Monkey school also has a crocodile area with live crocodiles, a Museum of Natural History complete with fossils, and a Nature Learning Center where visitors will find unique ways to learn about and experience nature.
Operating Hours
Weekdays: 10:00-18:00
Weekends & Holidays: 10:00-18:30
※ Last admission: 30min before closing.
Parking Facilities
Admission Fees
Admission fees
Adults: 7,000 won / Children: 5,000 won

Performance tickets
Adults: 10,000 won / Children: 9,000 won

* Children: ages 2 to middle school students
* Admissions to Crocodile Zoo, Natural History Museum, Monkey Safari,
  Squirrel Zone and Herb Garden included. 
Available Facilities
Crocodile Zoo, Natural History Museum, Monkey Safari, Insects Eco-Center, restaurants, snack corner, convenience store, family lounge
Reservation Info. for Foreigners
Group reservation: Tel +82-10-8228-1006
From Buan Bus Terminal, take a local bus (bound for Sangseo-myeon) or a taxi to Monkey School.

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