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Jeollabuk-do » Jinan-gun » Maisan Hwaeomgul Cave (마이산 화엄굴)


Maisan Hwaeomgul Cave (마이산 화엄굴)   
Maisan Hwaeomgul Cav...
Maisan Hwaeomgul Cav...
  • Maisan Hwaeomgul Cav...
  • Maisan Hwaeomgul Cave (마이산 화엄굴)
  • Maisan Hwaeomgul Cave (마이산 화엄굴)
  • Maisan Hwaeomgul Cave (마이산 화엄굴)
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367, Maisannam-ro, Maryeong-myeon, Jinan-gun, Jeollabuk-do
전라북도 진안군 마령면 마이산남로 367 (마령면)
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Maisan Mountain has two major peaks made of sedimentary rocks; these peaks are said to be ‘couple peaks’ and cannot be found anywhere else. Sut Maibong (alt. 667m) is said to be the male peak while the slightly larger Am Maibong (alt. 673m) is deemed the female peak. In the early Joseon Period the mountain was named ‘Sokgeumsan,’ but began to be called ‘Maisan’ after the 12th year of King Taejong, who commented that the two peaks resembled a horse’s ears (‘maisan’ meaning ‘horse ears’). All along Maisan Mountain, you will find small crater-like rock cavities that are formed by prolonged weathering. These unique geological features, called ‘tafoni,’ are of great academic value.

Inside Hwaeomgul Cave, you’ll find medicinal water that flows up from underground all throughout the year. It is widely believed that once you drink the water, especially on the days of the Spring and Autumn Equinox, you will soon have a son and be blessed by the mountain spirit. Even today, many women who have difficulty conceiving visit the mountain to pray to the mountain spirits for their heart’s desire—the gift of a child. The region in which Maisan is located is the birthplace of many talented people and national heroes, which some say is proof of the blessings of the mountain and its extremely powerful spirit.
+82-63-433-3313, 430-8751
Parking Facilities
Available (Nambu & Bukbu parking lots)
Parking Fees
Cars: 2,000 won Buses: 3,000 won
From Jeonju Intercity Bus Terminal, take an intercity bus to Jinan.
* Bus Schedule: 06:05-21:05, 10-15min intervals

From Jinan Bus Terminal, take a bus bound for Maisan.
* Bus Schedule: 07:30, 07:50-18:00, 40min intervals
(Bus bound for Maisan Tapsa: runs 3 times a day)
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