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Incheon » Ganghwa-gun » Ganghwa Armiae World (강화 아르미애월드)


Ganghwa Armiae World (강화 아르미애월드)   
Ganghwa Armiae World...
Ganghwa Armiae World...
  • Ganghwa Armiae World...
  • Ganghwa Armiae World (강화 아르미애월드)
  • Ganghwa Armiae World (강화 아르미애월드)
  • Ganghwa Armiae World (강화 아르미애월드)
  • Ganghwa Armiae World (강화 아르미애월드)
  • Ganghwa Armiae World (강화 아르미애월드)
  • Ganghwa Armiae World (강화 아르미애월드)
  • Ganghwa Armiae World (강화 아르미애월드)
  • Ganghwa Armiae World (강화 아르미애월드)
  • Ganghwa Armiae World (강화 아르미애월드)
  • Ganghwa Armiae World (강화 아르미애월드)
  • Ganghwa Armiae World (강화 아르미애월드)
  • Ganghwa Armiae World (강화 아르미애월드)
  • Ganghwa Armiae World (강화 아르미애월드)
  • Ganghwa Armiae World (강화 아르미애월드)
  • Ganghwa Armiae World (강화 아르미애월드)
  • Ganghwa Armiae World (강화 아르미애월드)
  • Ganghwa Armiae World (강화 아르미애월드)
  • Ganghwa Armiae World (강화 아르미애월드)
  • Ganghwa Armiae World (강화 아르미애월드)
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742-2, Jungang-ro, Bureun-myeon, Ganghwa-gun, Incheon
인천 강화군 불은면 중앙로 742-2
Tourist Resorts
• 1330 Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330
(Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
• For more info:
+82-32-930-4114 (Day time)
+82-32-930-4119 (Night time)
(Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese)
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Ganghwa Armiae World is a theme park with Ganghwa mugwort as its theme. The mugwort of Ganghwado Island is widely known for its great medicinal effects. Armiae means “creating beauty through mugwort.” Armiae World provides its visitors with various opportunities to experience Ganghwa mugwort.

Mugwort Korean Beef Restaurant serves quality beef from cattle fed Ganghwa mugwort. The restaurant features a modern interior with beautiful views of the surrounding area. The Mugwort Experience Hall presents various mugwort-related experience programs such as a spa, foot bath, and sitz bath. The Agricultural Exhibition Hall provides a childrens' interactive experience about the value of farming, and the Onsaemiro Maze Park offers a history trip of Ganghwa greenhouses along the labyrinth. Other facilities include the Pottery Experience Hall, Ganghwa Agricultural Goods Sales Office, outdoor lawn square for events and picnics, and a processing plant for agricultural and indigenous products including mugwort.

Armiae World is located at the foot of Hyeolgusan Mountain, which is well-known for beautiful azalea flowers in the spring. Providing hands-on experiences in farming, Armiae World is emerging as a unique tourist attraction of Ganghwado Island.
Opening date
March 5, 2009
January 1st, Seollal (Lunar New Year) & Chuseok holidays
Hiking Course
* Gobi Hill (Naega-myeon) - Hyeolgusan Mt. - Toemosan Mt. - Armiae World (3 hours)
* Chanumul Mineral Spring (Seonwon-myeon) - Hyeolgusan Mt. - Toemosan Mt. - Armiae World (3 hrs, 30min)
* Armiae World - Toemosan Mt. - Hyeolgusan Mt. - Toemosan Mt. - Armiae World (3 hours)
Tour Course Information
* Hyeolgusan Mt. climbing → Armiae World → Lunch → Mushroom Island (mushroom farm & mushroom picking experience)
* Oktokki Space Center → Armiae World → Lunch → Ganghwa History Museum
* Armiae World → Lunch → Ganghwa Dolmen Botanical Garden → Hwamunseok Village and Hwamunseok Cultural Center → Peace Observatory
* Seokmodo Island (Bomunsa Temple) → Armiae World → Lunch → Ganghwa History Museum
* Ganghwa Nadeulgil (Trekking Course; Neungnae-ri Chamber Tomb - Gareung Royal Tomb - Neungnae-dong Gil - Tomb of Jeong Je-du - Hau Mineral Spring - Tomb of Lee Geon-chang - Geonpyeongnaru - Geonpyeongdondae - Oepo-ri Dock) → Armiae World
Activity Information
* Agricultural Exhibition Hall & Onsaemiro Maze Park
- Free admission / Inquiries: +82-32-930-4125~7
* Mugwort Experience (about 2 hours): Jjimjilbang, foot bath, sitz bath, etc.
- Fare: 5,000 won-15,000 won / Tel: +82-32-934-2623~4  
* Pottery Experience (1 hour)
- Adults: 8,000 won / Youths: 7,000 won / Kindergarten students: 5,000 won
* Sotdae (wooden birds atop a pole) & Jangseung (traditional totem pole) making
- Participation fees: 10,000 won (30min)
* Yakssuk (medical herb) & herb soap making
- Participation fees: 7,000 won (30min)

※ Maximum Capacity
* Agricultural Exhibition Hall & Onsaemiro Maze Park: 200-300 people
* Mugwort experience: 70 people
* Pottery, Sotdae and herb soap experience: 30-40 people
Age Limit for Activities
Open to visitors of all ages.
Operating Hours
* Agricultural Exhibition Hall: 9:30-17:30
* Onsaemiro Maze Park: 09:00-18:00 / Winter season (Dec.-Feb.): 09:00-17:00
* Mugwort Experience Hall: 09:00-20:00 (Reservations required 3 days in advance.)
* Pottery Experience Hall: 10:00-18:00
* Mugwort Korean Beef Restaurant: 10:00-22:00
* Ganghwa Agricultural Goods Sales Office: 08:00-18:00
Parking Facilities
Large vehicles: 10 parking spaces
Small cars: 80 parking spaces
Admission Fees
Free (Separate participation fees for experience programs may apply.)
Available Facilities
Mugwort-themed experience hall, exhibition hall, restaurant, parks, event hall, etc.
Parking Fees
Available Facilities
* Mugwort Korean Beef Restaurant: Can accommodate up to 200 people.
* Grass Plaza, walking path, hiking trail
* Wondumak (look-out shed), restrooms, water fountain
* Accommodation facilities are not available.
Facilities for the Handicapped
Separate restrooms, elevator, wheelchair accessible path (Onsaemiro Maze Park)
Korean Info. Service
Reservation requried.
Interpretation Services Offered
Not available (Video screening available in English, Japanese and Chinese at the Agricultural Exhibition Hall)
From Seoul to Ganghwa
1) Sinchon Station (Seoul Subway Line 2), Exit 4.
Go straight 260m to arrive at the bus stop in front of Artreon.
From the bus stop, take Bus 3000 to Ganghwa Bus Terminal.

2) Yeongdeungpo Station (Seoul Subway Line 1).
Across from Shinsegae Department Store, take Bus 88 to Ganghwa Terminal.

From Ganghwa Bus Terminal, take Local Bus 03, 04, 31, 37, 40, 41, 45, 46 or 47.
Get off at Agricultural Technology Service Center (농업기술센터;Nongeop Gisul Center).
Ganghwa Ginseng Center (강화 인삼센터)
Ganghwa Ginseng Center (강화 인삼센터)
  • Region : Ganghwa-gun Incheon
  • Type : Shops/Malls
  • The cultivation of Ganghwa ginseng began during the era of King Gojong (1232 A.D.) of the Goryeo Dyn...

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