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Jeollabuk-do » Gunsan-si » Geumgang Migratory Bird Observatory (금강철새조망대)


Geumgang Migratory Bird Observatory (금강철새조망대)   
Geumgang Migratory B...
Geumgang Migratory B...
  • Geumgang Migratory B...
  • Geumgang Migratory Bird Observatory (금강철새조망대)
  • Geumgang Migratory Bird Observatory (금강철새조망대)
  • Geumgang Migratory Bird Observatory (금강철새조망대)
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120, Cheolsae-ro, Seongsan-myeon, Gunsan-si, Jeollabuk-do
전라북도 군산시 성산면 철새로 120
Ecological Tourist Sites
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The Geumgang Migratory Bird Observatory is located at Geumgang Estuary (Gunsan-si), one of the country’s most representative sites for migratory birds. With Geumgangho Lake, wide spreads of farmland, and an abundance of reeds and tidelands, the estuary draws flocks of migratory birds each winter.

From the Migratory Bird Observatory, the first of its kind in Korea, visitors can watch birds in their natural habit. For an even deeper look at the patterns of these feathered travelers, the museum has on display bird specimens and exhibits depicting the hatching of bird eggs. Other facilities include the Geumgang Bird Park and the Ecological Center.

In autumn of every year, the Gunsan International Migratory Bird Festival takes place at the Geumgang Migratory Bird Observatory, Geumgangho Lake, and Saemangeum area. One of the most popular programs at the festival is the bird-watching tour. The sight of tens of thousands of migratory birds flying overhead is truly astounding. The tour runs from the festival period all the way until the end of February.
Opening date
October 2, 2003
Around 50 minutes
Tour Course Information
Experience Center Tour
Artificial waterfall → Hatching Experience Center → Plants Ecological Center → Geumgang Bird Park → Eco Pond → Exploration Center → Geumgang Marsh Ecological Park

Exhibition Tour
Permanent Exhibition hall & Theater → Aquarium & Animal Specimens Exhibition Hall → Insects Diorama Center → Rotating restaurant → Observatory
Operating Hours
Parking Facilities
Parking Fees
Admission Fees
Adults: 2,000 won / Group: 1,000 won
Youths: 1,000 won / Group: 700 won
Children: 500 won / Group: 300 won
Available Facilities
Experience Center
Migratory Bird Observatory, Exploration Center, Hatching Experience Center, Geumgang Birds Park, Plants Ecological Center, Marsh Ecological Park, Eco Pond

Exhibition Center
Permanent exhibition hall, theater, Insects Diorama Center, aquarium, Animal Specimens Exhibition Hall
Facilities for the Handicapped
Wheelchair rental services, separate restrooms, wheelchair ramp, elevator
Interpretation Services Offered
Reservations not required.
From Gunsan Bus Terminal or Gunsan Station, take Bus 82 or a taxi to the Geumgang Migratory Bird Observatory (금강철새조망대).
Tourist Sites
Geumgang Estuary Bank (금강하구둑(군산))
Geumgang Estuary Bank (금강하구둑(군산))
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Geumgang Estuary Bird Sanctuary (금강철새조망대)
Geumgang Estuary Bird Sanctuary (금강철새조망대)
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  • Theme : Ecological Tourist Sites
  • Starting from Subun-ri, Jangsu-gun of Jeollabuk-do, Geumgang River flows from the east to the west p...
House of Lee Young-choon (이영춘가옥)
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National Institute of Ecology (Seocheon) (국립생태원(서천))
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Jinpo Maritime Theme Park (진포해양테마공원)
Jinpo Maritime Theme Park (진포해양테마공원)
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  • The Jinpo Maritime Theme Park was opened in 2008 to commemorate Jinpodaecheop, the sweeping victory ...

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