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Gangwon-do » Samcheok-si » Saecheonnyeon Road


Saecheonnyeon Road   
Saecheonnyeon Road
Saecheonnyeon Road
  • Saecheonnyeon Road
  • Saecheonnyeon Road
  • Saecheonnyeon Road
  • Saecheonnyeon Road
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Gangwon-do Samcheok-si
Jeongha-dong Gyo-dong
강원 삼척시 새천년로 326
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Saecheonnyeon Road in Gangwon-do Province is a 4.8㎞ road along the eastern coast of Korea. It features unique rock formations, a pine tree forest, and the Tower of Wishes, built with thousands of stones that have been engraved with names of over 30,000 people. Every New Year's Day, a sunrise festival takes place on the Road, and people pray their wishes upon the Tower.
Take an intercity bus to Samcheok Intercity Bus Terminal.
Transfer to a local bus, and get off at Jeongna Port or Palace Town.
(Local bus schedule: 41 times per day/Travel time: 10-15min)

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