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Seoul » Jongno-gu » Jirisan Restaurant (지리산)


Jirisan Restaurant (지리산)  
Jirisan Restaurant (...
Jirisan Restaurant (...
  • Jirisan Restaurant (...
  • Jirisan Restaurant (지리산)
  • Jirisan Restaurant (지리산)
  • Jirisan Restaurant (지리산)
  • Jirisan Restaurant (지리산)
  • Jirisan Restaurant (지리산)
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30, Insadong 14-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul
서울특별시 종로구 인사동14길 30 (관훈동)
Type / Specialty Menu
Korean Food/Korean table d’hote
• 1330 Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330
(Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
• For more info: +82-2-723-4696 (Korean)
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Jirisan is one of the representative Korean restaurants in Insa-dong, an area known for its traditional culture. One of the trademarks of this restaurant, besides its amazingly delectable bean and tofu dishes, is a wooden sign that welcome guests into a neat and cozy interior.

Each day, fresh beans are ground at the restaurant to prepare dishes such as soybean paste, soft tofu, and bean-curd tofu stew. Bean-curds are prepared by using seawater, which gives the tofu a unique flavor. The fresh and clean taste of the tofu is one of the many reasons that choosey tofu aficionados flock to the restaurant.

Not just limited to tofu, Jirisan presents customers with a full-range of side dishes such as kimchi, japchae (glass noodles with sautéed vegetables), cucumber kimchi, seasoned seaweed, braised lotus roots, roasted yellow corbinas (a type of fish), leafy greens, bean-curd stew, and more. The restaurant gives visitors a chance to experience a hearty traditional Korean-style meal, but has thoughtfully toned down its seasonings to appeal to a wider audience (particularly those not used to spicy foods).

One of the recommended menu items is the Jirisan set meal, which offers diners the chance to sample foods that are popular in the Jirisan region. Adventurous diners may want to try the sea urchin soup or dried Pollack soup.

The restaurant, originally a traditional Korean house, has been modified over the years to better suit the needs of its customers. The walls surrounding the structure were removed and a glass ceiling was installed to allow guests to enjoy the natural light of the sun as they sample some of the area’s best traditional Korean cuisine.
N/A (Open all year round)
Operating Hours

Some menu items may differ slightly in price and are subject to change without notice.

Special Jirisan Set Menu: 20,000 won
Jirisan Set Menu: 15,000 won
Dubu Jeongol (tofu casserole): 10,000 won
Seongge Guk (sea urchin soup): 10,000 won
Additional Taxes
N/A (Included in meals)
Service Charges
N/A (Included in meals)
Maximum Seating Capacity
150 seats
Parking Facility
Not available
Credit Cards
Tel: +82-2-723-4696
Smoking / Non-Smoking
Anguk Station (Seoul Subway Line 3), Exit 6.
Go straight 100m and turn left at the intersection.
Walk (110m) along Insadong-gil Road and turn left onto Insadong 14-gil.
Go 120m to the end of the alleyway and turn left.
Jirisan is 30m ahead on the right.

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