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Jeollanam-do » Yeosu-si » Dolsandaegyo Bridge (돌산대교)


Dolsandaegyo Bridge (돌산대교)   
Dolsandaegyo Bridge ...
Dolsandaegyo Bridge ...
  • Dolsandaegyo Bridge ...
  • Dolsandaegyo Bridge (돌산대교)
  • Dolsandaegyo Bridge (돌산대교)
  • Dolsandaegyo Bridge (돌산대교)
  • Dolsandaegyo Bridge (돌산대교)
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Jeollanam-do Yeosu-si Dolsan-eup ~ Namsan-dong
전남 여수시 돌산읍 ~남산동(국도17호선)
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At 450m long and 11.7m wide, Dolsandaegyo Bridge is the largest cable-stayed bridge in Korea. Since its construction in 1984, the bridge, which connects Yeosu and Dolsan-do Island, has brought commerce and tourism to the island. Today, the bridge itself has become a popular tourist destination, illuminated at night by exterior lighting from the marine park across from the island.

On the Yeosu side of the bridge is an octagonal pavilion observatory overlooking the picturesque Yeosu Harbor, while on the other side is Dolsan-eup known as the raw fish town. Underneath the bridge on the Dolsan-eup side is a cruise ship dock, where visitors will find a replica of the noble Geobokseon (turtle-shaped ship), and may ride a cruise ship to Odongdo Island or Hyangilam Temple on the edge of Dolsan-do Island.
Operating Hours
24 hours
Take an express bus to Yeosu Intercity Bus Terminal.
Take City Bus 102, 111, 113 or 999 from the terminal to Dolsandaegyo Bridge
(돌산대교; Dolsan-daegyo).
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